Pitching in out back at the Yarmouth Hospital on Earth Day

The shoreline and fields behind Yarmouth Regional Hospital do not see much traffic except for the odd deer, dog walker or employee looking for a for a quiet place to wander at break time. Yet, the back field was bustling on Friday, April 22, when a small group gathered to pick up garbage in honour of Earth Day.
Marcy Wallace, retired RN, helped organize the Earth Day event.
“It is so encouraging to see staff, students and people from the community come out to pitch in. it’s a beautiful, accessible area behind the hospital that not many people know about.”
Perched on a hill overlooking the water, Yarmouth Regional Hospital commands a stunning view of busy Yarmouth Harbour and the Gulf of Maine beyond.
It took 11 people just two hours to fill several dozen garbage bags with more than 350 kilograms of trash. Much of the garbage consisted of the typical flotsam and jetsam* found on the shores of a fishing community. Pieces of rope and nets, lost buoys, discarded motor oil cans and the rubber bands used to prevent lobster claws from pinching. Plus there were plastic bags, plenty of plastic grocery bags.

Did you know: flotsam and jetsam have different meanings? It is not a catch-all term for just anything that washes up. Flotsam is trash that fell into the water accidentally. Jetsam, from the word jettison, is thrown overboard on purpose.