PSA Reminder: Nova Scotia Health asks residents to answer their phone to help prevent the spread of COVID-19


Saturday, May 8, 2021 HALIFAX, N.S. - Further to the information shared yesterday - Public Health begins contacting positive COVID-19 cases & close contacts by text message - if you have had a recent COVID-19 test; have been identified by as a close contact of someone that has COVID-19 or have a confirmed positive case of COVID-19, Nova Scotia Health is trying to call you with important information.

It is critical that Nova Scotians answer phone calls that may display as coming from “unknown” numbers, or originate from different parts of the province. Please answer these calls so the Nova Scotia Health team can provide important COVID-19 information. This is vital in our fight against COVID-19 that Nova Scotian’s have the information they require to keep themselves and others safe.

It is also important that people going for symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 testing ensure their phone numbers and email addresses are correct. This will help our Public Health team contact you quickly should your result be positive.