Public Health no longer able to provide COVID-19 recovery letters, individuals to stop isolating when they meet recovery criteria

Due to the significant surge in cases, Public Health no longer has capacity to provide each positive COVID-19 case with a recovery letter. Individuals are asked to self-assess using the criteria below and stop isolating when they meet the recovery criteria.

You are considered recovered when you are no longer infectious for COVID-19. Typically, this is:
• 10 full days after symptoms have started AND you are feeling better (no fever and symptoms improving).
• Or 10 full days after your positive test was collected, if you had no symptoms.
• For individuals who are moderately or severely immunocompromised or have severe disease (i.e. requiring ICU care), the recovery period is 20 days after onset of symptoms.
• Some individuals may continue to have a lingering cough, particularly if they are prone to chronic cough. However, if they meet the above criteria, they are no longer infectious and are safe to stop isolating.

For the immediate three months (90 days) after you are considered recovered, COVID-19 testing is typically not recommended. If you develop symptoms within these three months, you must self-isolate until symptoms resolve.