Public Health notifying positive COVID-19 cases by text, advising to notify close contacts

The significant surge in COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia has resulted in a backlog in Public Health contacting positive cases and close contacts.

Nova Scotia Public Health has begun contacting positive COVID-19 cases by text message when that is an option. For those who do not have text, Public Health will follow up by phone.

With case numbers increasing in Nova Scotia, this approach allows for more timely notification of positive cases and close contacts so they can immediately begin self-isolation to avoid further spread.

The text message will advise people they have tested positive.

Text recipients will be advised to:

Self-isolate immediately.

Notify close contacts and share this link with them: This includes friends, family and anyone with whom you attended a social gathering, event, or extracurricular activities.

Register for public health’s daily check-in service.

They will also be provided with information regarding how to determine their self-isolation end date.

Public Health will still contact positive COVID-19 cases by phone within a few days of the text notification to collect and provide further information.

Public Health will continue to be responsible for notifying close contacts in the following settings:

Public schools and childcare facilities

Post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities)

Long-term care facilities


Corrections facilities


First Nations communities

Other congregate (group living) settings

It is very important that Nova Scotians review the Potential COVID Exposures list daily. The lists for physical locations, transit routes and flights let the public know of potential exposures.

We thank you for your cooperation as we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19.