Roseway Hospital Foundation reaches digital x-ray fundraising milestone

Barb Henderson-Townsend, President of the Roseway Hospital Auxiliary, Norman Wallet, Chair of the Roseway Hospital Foundation and Jodi Ybarra, Roseway Hospital site leader, celebrate a significant milestone in the fundraising efforts toward purchasing new digital x-ray equipment.

SHELBURNE, N.S. - In simple terms, an x-ray is a sophisticated piece of medical equipment that gives an inside look at things that would otherwise be hard to see.

For the Roseway Hospital Foundation, the work to get a new x-ray has provided an up close and impressive view at how a small community can step up and dig deep for a good cause.

A major contribution from the Roseway Hospital Auxiliary of $100,000 has propelled the Foundation to its fundraising goal of $450,000 toward the purchase of a new digital radiography unit for Roseway Hospital. Digital radiography is a state-of-the-art form of x-ray imaging which produces a digital image instantly on a computer.

“To raise this amount of money in the short span of a year is a remarkable achievement for our small community, especially during a time when we were all in the middle of a global pandemic” says Norman Wallet, Chair of the Roseway Hospital Foundation. “The Roseway Auxiliary has always been a dynamic force in supporting our hospital, and they deserve our gratitude and congratulations on their generous gift.”

Barb Henderson-Townsend, President of the Roseway Auxiliary, says the small group of volunteers was excited to be able to contribute to such a worthwhile fundraising campaign. “We know staff and patients are so appreciative of having the best medical equipment available,” says Henderson-Townsend. “The Auxiliary is always open to finding new ways to support our hospital and our partners with the Roseway Hospital Foundation.”

Along with the major gift from the Auxiliary, the Foundation reached its goal thanks to an outpouring of support from municipal units, individuals, local businesses and organizations. As far as Norman Wallet and the Foundation are concerned, small donations have been just as meaningful and welcome as large ones.

“People were eager to help in any way they could which has been truly inspiring,” says Wallet. “For example, early in our campaign the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance really helped us get our message out to the community which helped launch our fundraising efforts. Thank you to everyone who contributed.”

Dr. Michelle Ong, Radiologist, said staff are looking forward to the new equipment. “We are excited to have the privilege of replacing our old equipment with new x-ray equipment that has the latest technology on the market,” said Dr. Ong. “This will have a significant benefit to the patient from the improved image quality with less radiation dose. We are grateful to the Roseway Hospital Foundation, Roseway Hospital Auxiliary and to all the donors that have made possible.”

There are still plenty of planning and details to be worked out before the new digital x-ray equipment can be purchased and installed, but Roseway Hospital site leader Jodi Ybarra says she is encouraged by the progress of the project.

“We know having the most modern equipment available not only helps our staff provide the best care for our patients, it also helps us recruit and retain health care providers,” said Ybarra. “I want to join the community in extending thanks and appreciation to the Roseway Hospital Foundation and Auxiliary for their commitment to quality health care in Shelburne County.”