Then and now: Registration clerk at Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic brings a unique perspective to her role

Erika Wilson is a registration clerk at Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic. (contributed)

Over the course of the pandemic, Nova Scotians from all corners of the province have come together as a team to protect one another from COVID-19. 

Retired health care workers have come back to the front-lines, volunteers have stepped up and many professionals, like Erika Wilson, have been redeployed to join the COVID-19 effort.

In April, Wilson was given the opportunity to transfer her skills and join the Nova Scotia Health team at the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic as a registration clerk.

“I am enjoying it so much,” said Wilson who came to the position from the Halifax Convention Centre. 

With an academic background in history and experience working at the Black Creek Pioneer Village – a living history museum in Toronto – Wilson brings a rich professional background and a unique perspective to her role at the vaccine clinic. 

“I apply a historical lens to a lot of things because that is my interest,” she said. 

Wilson has found herself identifying the parallels to the pandemic that happened 100 years ago and making comparisons between then and now.

Of particular note is Wilson’s observation of the incredible care and non-judgement she has seen Nova Scotians show to each other during this difficult time. 

“It is interesting to see the empathy that nurses and team leads display towards people that are coming in (to the Dartmouth Community Vaccine Clinic),” said Wilson. “It seems there’s more compassion and patience with people than there has been historically.”

She also noted the extraordinary team effort that Nova Scotia has shown over the last year. 

“Seeing how people have come together inspires you to look at how others have responded to emergencies in the past, such as following the Halifax Explosion,” said Wilson.

The coordination, cooperation and collaboration of Nova Scotians in following public health guidelines and limiting the spread of COVID-19 has attracted positive admiration from other jurisdictions across Canada.

“It will be nice to look back and be glad I was part of the effort.”

Now, and in the future, Nova Scotians should be proud of our history in being leaders throughout the biggest public health crisis of our time.