Two new interventional radiology suites open in Diagnostic Imaging at QEII Halifax Infirmary

One of the new interventional radiology suites at the Halifax Infirmary
One of the new interventional radiology suites at the Halifax Infirmary

Following their announcement in March 2018, two new interventional radiology suites at the QEII Health Sciences Centre's Halifax Infirmary opened for patient care on November 16. 

The suites are part of the first renovations at the Halifax Infirmary campus for the QEII New Generation Project and pave the way for the opening of Atlantic Canada’s first hybrid operating room in 2021. 

In interventional suites physicians perform image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as removing a blood clot in a patient experiencing a stroke. 

Physicians perform these procedures under local anaesthetic using a needle and catheter inserted in small incisions in the body. As a result, patients benefit from less invasive procedures, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

“It’s exciting to achieve another milestone of the QEII New Generation project,” said Paula Bond, vice-president of clinical infrastructure and operations, central zone. “Creating this new space while delivering uninterrupted services is a testament to the professionalism and high standard of care provided by QEII staff and physicians.”

The Province of Nova Scotia contributed $32.2 million for the renovations to support the new suites, the new hybrid operating rooms and specialized equipment. 

The QEII Foundation has launched a new campaign to contribute an additional $1.25 million to further support new interventional radiology technologies. 

“It is through the use of new technology and equipment in these spaces that we increase interdepartmental collaboration,” said Dr. Alex Mitchell, QEII New Generation project senior medical director. “It’s through working together that we find new ways to provide a better experience for patients.” 

Learn more about the QEII Foundation’s new campaign.

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