Partnerships - Research, Innovation & Discovery

Collaboration is at the very heart of the work we are doing to facilitate excellence in research and innovation. Our many partnerships with universities, colleges, the Department of Health and Wellness, the IWK, health foundations, industry, donors and communities are all part of our vision of improving healthcare for Nova Scotians across the province. The strength of these partnerships will help us discover new and innovative ways to advance healthcare in Nova Scotia.

One of our signature initiatives – the Health Challenge – was created from a collaboration between Volta, BioNova, the QEII Foundation, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Nova Scotia Health. 

Learn about the emerging medical technologies that have emerged from the first two rounds of the Health Challenge.

Opportunities for this kind of collaboration are all around us. It is up to all of us in Nova Scotia's health care sector to transform them into research, innovation and discovery.

Strategic Partnership Office

The Strategic Partnership Office is the point of connection where internal initiatives and external partners come together on research and commercialization initiatives to create health system transformation as well as societal and economic benefit. This office is an open door where partners are invited to collaborate and find new ways of innovating with Nova Scotia Health.

The work facilitated by this office includes everything from mentorship and innovation advisory between our partners and Nova Scotia Health, to much larger collaborations such as a united data strategy and virtual care implementation across Nova Scotia.

Tech Commercialization

The Strategic Partnership Office supports commercialization of innovations developed within Nova Scotia Health through the engagement of partners, contract negotiation, patents, and by initiating connections with commercialization networks. We understand the need to move technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

This is fertile ground for R&D, but also doing the technology transfer to ensure it is supported by IP so it is commercialized and importantly, that there is a conduit for your ideas and your developments to reach patients. If you don’t commercialize, the likelihood of your ideas becoming reality worldwide are very low. It takes a lot of impetus to pick that up and make it happen.

James Robar, Chief of Medical Physics at Nova Scotia Health Authority

Business Development

Strategic relationships are fundamental to the growth and success of Nova Scotia Health’s innovation endeavours. The business development team pursues opportunities and relationships with companies and partners for products and services that are needed in the health system. It is through relationship building that we create awareness of the Strategic Partnership Office, and expand its reach to create long–term value for our patients, community and caregivers.

Contact our Business Development Office to learn more about partnership opportunities.


If you are looking to partner with NSHA on research or innovation projects to support NSHA’s COVID-19 response, please contact us at