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NSHA Patient education pamphlets are currently being transitioned to this site. Not all pamphlets will appear in this search yet. All active pamphlets can be found in the print code index.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking : #NSCCP0066

PDF icon nsccp0066.pdf

What is the Oncotype DX test? : #NSCCP0037

PDF icon nsccp0037.pdf

What to Expect During Treatment: Radiation Therapy to the Bone : #NSCCP1372

PDF icon nsccp1372.pdf

What You Need to Know About Your Radiation Therapy Appointments, NS Cancer Centre, Halifax : #NSCCP1239

PDF icon nsccp1239.pdf

When Cancer Spreads to Bone Spinal Cord Compression : #NSCCP0047

PDF icon nsccp0047.pdf

When Should I Call my Doctor?: A guide for patients being investigated or treated for lung cancer : #NSCCP0050

PDF icon nsccp0050.pdf