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The medical research environment is in the midst of significant change. The care we provide is being directly impacted by the research we conduct, more quickly and directly than ever before. New developments have expanded the definition of health research to include implementation science and evaluation, which allow us to scale our impact and measure shared successes. Building on the possible, artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics capabilities open up unprecedented new opportunities for improving the quality and effectiveness of our health services.

The Nova Scotia Health Innovation Hub is the home of health research in Nova Scotia. We are changing people's lives through research, transforming our health care system in the process. We see research as care. We work in partnership with clinicians from our academic partners to link discovery to the realities of patient care. All of this happens in a collaborative environment where physicians, nurses and clinical care teams translate research insights into improved patient outcomes.

One of the Hub's goals is to increase the capacity of our teams to improve the health of Nova Scotians. The following resources and supports are currently available to help make that happen.

Research & Innovation Policies

Research and innovation policies and procedures pertain to research administration, ethics, conduct, quality and integrity of practice. The Research Ethics Board (REB) is a key resource for policies.

Please refer to our policies for more information