Acute Stroke Team - Halifax Infirmary
Rehabilitative Services
The Acute Stroke Team at the Halifax Infirmary provides acute medical care, early rehabilitation and when appropriate, and palliative care to individuals who have experienced a stroke. 


Halifax Infirmary, Unit 7.4
1796 Summer Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 3A7
Phone: 902-473-2258

There are also Stroke Care Teams located throughout the province. Please contact those sites directly for more information.

How do I access the Acute Stroke Team?

Admission to Acute Stroke Team is almost always through the Emergency Department after your stroke is diagnosed.  If you are on a different hospital unit after your stroke, a transfer to the Acute Stroke Unit can be arranged. Please see the Documents and Form section for the Acute Stroke Unit Transfer Request From.

How do I prepare for admission to Acute Stroke Care?

People are usually admitted through the Emergency Department.

What will happen during my time in the program?

This pamphlet explains what to expect during your time on the Acute Stroke Unit:

Will there be any follow up after I am discharged from the program?

Discharge planning starts as soon as you are admitted to the hospital. Your team members will work with you and your loved ones to come up with your discharge plan based on the care you need. When you leave the Acute Stroke Unit you may go:

  • Home (sometimes with extra help)
  • Home (with therapy as an outpatient)
  • To a hospital closer to home
  • To a rehabilitation unit to continue your therapy
  • To a long-term care facility

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