Bereavement Services
Palliative Care


Palliative Care Bereavement Services provides grief and bereavement support for the family and friends of patients who have received care from the Palliative Care Program in Central Zone.  This support includes one-on-one and family grief counseling (typically 1-4 sessions), grief supports groups, memorial services, and grief related resources.   The Bereavement Coordinator is available to provide grief related information to the wider community, including the public, community agencies, healthcare providers, NSH staff and volunteers.  Working together with NSH team members and other community partners, this role supports and encourages grief literacy and education in a variety of ways.

The bereavement coordinator offers grief counseling in person, over the phone and virtually through zoom.


Where is it offered?

The Bereavement Coordinator’s office is in the Victoria General Hospital, on the Palliative Care Floor (Floor: 7A, Office: 055).

*On Wednesdays the Bereavement Coordinator is based out of Alderney Gate Public Library (60 Alderney Dr, Dartmouth).

How do I access the service?

Grief and Bereavement Services can be accessed through self-referral by contacting the Bereavement Coordinator.  For family and friends who are grieving the death of someone who died while under the care of the Palliative Care Service, there is no cut off for when Bereavement Services can be accessed. Grief does not follow a timeline.

Bereavement Coordinator: Jocelyne Tranquilla Phone: 902-473-1622 Email:

With consent, any healthcare provider can submit a referral to the Bereavement Coordinator using a generic consult form.

When you call the Bereavement Coordinator you can expect to speak with a kind professional who will explain the grief services available and answer any questions that you may have.

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