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The cardiovascular clinic (Yarmouth Regional Hospital, Digby Hospital, Roseway Hospital) in South West Health aims to work with people who have experienced stroke, TIA (transient ischemic attack), and myocardial infarction. People can contact the clinic directly or have their family physician refer them. The cardiovascular clinic evolved out of the stroke clinic where all stroke patients discharged in South West Health were automatically referred to the clinic. This clinic has expanded and broadened to a cardiovascular scope. 

More about this service

Location and contact information

Digby General Hospital (Digby)
Tel: 902-742-3542 ext 1460

Roseway Hospital (Shelburne)
Tel: 902-742-3542 ext 1460

Yarmouth Regional Hospital (Yarmouth)
Tel: 902-742-3542 ext 1460

Clare Health Centre (Meteghan Centre)
Tel: 902-742-3542 ext 1460

How do I get an appointment?

Contact the clinic directly at 902-742-3542 ext 1460 or have your family physician refer you. 

The clinic is for anyone who has suffered a stroke, heart attack, angina or TIA (transient ischemic attack) and lives in the areas of Digby, Shelburne or Yarmouth. The health event may have occurred recently or many months or years ago.

What to expect

Once a referral is received, the Cardiovascular Program office will contact you with an appointment.

During the first appointment the cardiovascular nurse specialist will complete a history and physical exam and will ask several questions related to your health and lifestyle. Together you can identify your risk factors for cardiovascular disease and work toward setting goals to manage your condition.
If necessary, referrals to other health care providers can be arranged such as the family doctor, speech and language pathology, dietitian, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacist, recreational therapist and social work. Such a referral helps to ensure you are monitored and supported in managing and reducing risk of a cardiovascular event, such as stroke, heart attack, TIA (transient ischemic attack or angina).
Typically, a series of four visits over a one year period will allow for good monitoring of your progress.

Documents and Forms

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