Community-based Cancer Clinics
Cancer Care

At a Community Cancer Clinic, an oncologist (cancer specialist) or General Practitioner in Oncology (GPO) travels to a hospital closer to your home or arranges to meet with you via Virtual Health – sometimes called tele-oncology. Virtual Health uses a secure video camera, microphone and monitor. 

The type of services available at these clinics are face-to-face (or Virtual Health) visits with your cancer care provider for a first appointment or a follow up visit.

Clinic locations, contact information and hours

Aberdeen Hospital
Tel: 902-752-7600 

Colchester Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-893-5554  

Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre
Tel: 902-667-3361 

Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital
Tel: 902-258-2100

South Shore Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-543-4603 

St. Martha's Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-867-4500 

Valley Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-678-7381

Yarmouth Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-742-3541

How do I access this clinic?

A referral from your family doctor or primary care provider is required.