Endocrinology Clinic
Endocrinology provides specialized care to patients with hormonal and metabolic disorders. Ambulatory Clinics within Endocrinology includes:
  • Diabetes Management
    • Insulin Pump Clinics & Education Classes
  • Lipid Clinic
  • Halifax Neuropituitary Program
    • Atlantic Acromegaly Support Group
    • Cushing Support Group 
  • Osteoporosis Clinic & Education Classes
  • Thyroid Biopsy Clinic
  • Interdisciplinary Thyroid Oncology 
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic (IWK)
  • Preconception Clinic (IWK)

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Location, hours and contact information 

Tel: 902-473-3723

How do I access this program/service?

Patients requiring Endocrinology care are required to have a referral sent to 902-473-5912