Health Connections
Primary Health Care

Sessions are facilitated using principles of motivational communication and in context of chronic disease prevention and self managed support.

Tier 1

These courses are designed for people at higher risk of chronic disease or perhaps recent diagnosis of chronic disease without any complications yet but anyone can attend.

There are four 1 hour presentations available:

  1. Eating Healthy - Come learn practical tips on how to make wise food choices and discuss how to make balanced meals. Recognize eating behaviors that concern you and help you re-think your food choices. Sharing healthy habit ideas will help you to develop your own action plan, so you can focus on eating behaviors you are interested in changing.
  2. Active Living - Join us for a conversation on the who, what, where and the how of active living.
  3. Coping with Life’s Challenges - Join us in a conversation about our reactions to stress. We will share ideas to help you manage your stress. We may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control how we react to it!   
  4. Finding Your Motivation - Join us in the conversation about how you can shift your thinking and develop new skills to break out of the slump.  

Tier 2

These courses are for people with established chronic disease and complications possibly developing. At this level, programs, clinics and group sessions are more disease specific and facilitated by specialized health care providers.  Referral is recommended.  Examples would include Diabetes Education CentersCHIM (Hearts and Health in Motion), Your Way to Wellness.

More about this service

Location and contact information

Contact local primary health care coordinator for schedule:

  •  Antigonish Town and County: Laurie Smith (902) 863 7389
  •  Guysborough County: Lorraine Brymer (902)747-2211
  •  Strait Richmond/Inverness Area: Tiffany Peeples (902) 625-4242

How do I sign up?

No appointment necessary for Tier 1 Health Connections sessions.

Tier 2 sessions are by referral.  Please call above coordinators for more information.