Midwifery Care
Maternal and Child
Midwives are trained to care for women who are experiencing a normal pregnancy, and for their healthy newborns. They work closely with the prenatal clinic, family physicians, nurse practitioners, obstetricians, nurses and other care providers. 
Midwives order and interpret routine tests including blood work, ultrasounds and referrals to other services; they prescribe medications and treatments as appropriate; and provide ongoing counseling and education to their clients. They provide assessment, monitoring and support during the labour, and they deliver the baby whether at home or in the hospital. 
Following the birth, midwives continue to provide care to the mother and baby for up to six weeks including newborn exams, breastfeeding support and frequent home visits. 

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Location, contact information and hours

Fishermen's Memorial Hospital
Tel: 902-634-7375  

St. Martha's Regional Hospital
Tel: 902-867-4500 ext 4465

How do I access this service?

To access midwifery services, you can get referral from your health care provider or contact the midwifery team in your area. 
Please note, if you are located in the HRM, the IWK offers midwifery services.


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