Pre Admission (aka Pre Assessment) Clinic

The Pre Admission clinic is an information session that will prepare you for your up coming surgery. It is an hour or sometimes longer patient information session with a nurse to inform you about your upcoming surgery, review your medications and help you plan for your after surgery care.

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Location, hours and contact information

Aberdeen Hospital
Pre-Admission Clinic
835 East River Road, New Glasgow
Tel: 902-752-7600 ext. 4080

Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Pre-Admission Clinic
Room 2191-1
1482 George Street, Sydney
Tel: 902-567-7865
Fax: 902-567-7899

Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Pre-Operative Clinic
2nd Floor, Room E2829
600 Abenaki Road, Truro
Tel: 902-893-5558

Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre
Pre-Assessment Clinic
Room 2255
19428 Highway 2, R.R. #6
Tel: 902-667-5400 ext. 6445

Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital
Rm 236
39 James Street, Inverness
Tel: 902-285-1916

St. Martha's Regional Hospital
Level 2
25 Bay Street, Antigonish
Tel: 902-867-4500 ext 4498/4466.

South Shore Regional Hospital
Pre-Assessment Clinic
2nd Floor, Day Surgery Dept
90 Glen Allan Drive, Bridgewater
Tel: 902-527-5244

Valley Regional Hospital
Pre-Admission Clinic
150 Exhibition Street, Kentville
Tel: 902-679-2657 ext. 2845
Fax: 902-527-0614

Yarmouth Regional Hospital
Day Surgery
1st Floor, Building C
60 Vancouver Street
Tel: 902-742-3541 ext. 1778

Nova Scotia Health sites also offer a number of Pre Anesthesia Clinics


How do I get an appointment?

To get an appointment at the Pre Admission Clinic, you will be contacted by the Pre Admission clerical support staff.

How do I prepare for my appointnment

You will receive in the mail a patient health form that you must complete. Please bring it and all medications you are taking including any over the counter medications to your clinic appointment. You may bring any family member, or friend with you to your appointment.

What questions should I ask?

You may ask any questions you may have about your up coming  surgery.

What will happen at my appointment?

You will receive general information about the surgery, perhaps view a video, and have some tests done such as blood work and other pre operative testing.

You will also receive printed information about your up coming surgery.

What happens after my first visit?

You may or may not have your date for surgery. If you do not have your date for surgery you will receive notification when your surgery has been scheduled.