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Spotlight on Shania Badri, Practice Facilitator for the Colchester-East Hants Network

A woman with medium-length brown hair wears a light purple sweater and a simple necklace and is smiling at the camera.

Today we are shining a light on Shania Badri, a vibrant force in the world of primary healthcare. 

As a Practice Facilitator for the Colchester-East Hants Network, Badri works closely with clinics in the Elmsdale and Shubenacadie area to identify and support changes that allow operations to run smoothly so that primary healthcare teams can focus on what they do best - providing top-notch patient care.

Badri’s journey began in India, but her passion for healthcare led her to Dalhousie University in Canada. There, she earned her bachelor’s degree in health promotion. Now, she’s making waves in Nova Scotia Health, having joined in August 2023 and stepping up as a Practice Facilitator in April 2024.

Badri has a passion for fostering connections and creating seamless experiences for both providers and patients alike. Her mission is clear: “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that our team is working towards a shared, larger goal that makes a positive difference in our patients’ lives.” 

In her role, Badri dives deep into the inner workings of clinics. She implements quality improvement projects and facilitates teamwork to support their top-notch standards. “I love learning about different practices and seeing how we can work together to optimize them,” she shared. 

Currently, Badri is tackling a project close to her heart: customizing the clinic interface to have a positive impact for allied health professionals joining the practice and using the EMR (electronic medical record).

“Right now, I am working with social workers to understand the kind of information that they and other allied health professionals need to access for patient care, so that we can capture and customize it in a more accessible and efficient way within the EMR,” said Badri. “Presently, allied health professionals must navigate through a lot of default clinical information on the platform to access the information they really need. This work will allow them to efficiently access the information and forms that they need within the EMR and help save valuable time and improve the quality of care they provide.”

By tailoring the system to the specific needs of team members, she aims to boost their efficiency and overall experience. “We want everyone on the team to feel supported and empowered,” she emphasized. “We hope that work such as this can attract more allied health professionals to our clinics and let people know that the practice facilitator team is here to support them the best we can.”

Badri’s talents don’t stop at healthcare. She works independently as a financial advisor, a painter, a foodie, and a singer. “I believe in living a well-rounded life,” she said, highlighting her love for exploration and creativity.

Badri has a message for Nova Scotians: “Our teams are working tirelessly towards improving access to care and care quality.” She encourages everyone to stay engaged and share feedback. “Progress thrives on patient engagement and invaluable insights.”

Badri’s support, paired with incredible primary healthcare teams leading the way, the future of healthcare in Colchester-East Hants is looking bright. It’s clear that she is more than just a healthcare professional – she is a force of positive change. Her dedication is a testament to the value she brings to her work, the patients who will feel the impact of her work, and everyone she interacts with. 

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Photo of Shania Badri, Practice Facilitator for the Colchester-East Hants Network

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