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Virtual Care

"Virtual Care" is a term that has become common in recent years, but what does it mean?

Virtual care uses approved audio and video technology to connect patients and health care providers. 

It can be delivered in many different ways to meet various needs.  It allows people to see a health care provider from just about anywhere, which increases access to care for everyone.

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Here are some of the options for virtual care with Nova Scotia Health:

Virtual Care NS

Virtual Care NS

For many Nova Scotians, virtual care means using Virtual Care NS.

It runs off of a platform called Maple, and allows registered users to get virtual appointments with primary care providers.

To see an example of how Virtual Care NS works, watch this video:

Virtual appointments with specialists and other health care providers

If your specialist or health care provider considers you to be appropriate, you may be eligible to attend your appointment virtually using an approved application (e.g., Zoom for Healthcare). If you are interested in learning if your health care provider offers this option, contact them directly to inquire.

Once a virtual appointment is confirmed, your health care provider will send you an invitation that includes instructions on how to join your appointment. Review the instructions carefully before your appointment to make sure that you have a good experience. If you do not have access to technology at home, ask your health care provider to contact IMIT Virtual Care to determine if there is an option to attend your appointment at a healthcare facility near you. Some healthcare facilities can assist with technology, space and support to get you connected to your appointment. 

Mental Health and Addictions services

Virtual care has been proven effective for treating many mental health and substance use conditions, providing a convenient and confidential option for your needs. 

Mental Health and Addictions use virtual care for individual and group sessions for a wide variety of programs and supports.

There are a few options for you:  

Primary Health Care Virtual Care

Primary Health Care is the first point of health care in our Nova Scotia health system. Citizens connect with a family doctor or nurse practitioner to get care. There are private offices and there are collaborative family practice teams who deliver health services.

Many primary health care locations are equipped to provide access to virtual care. Contact your health care providers directly to find out if they are offering virtual appointments.

Clinics, Programs, and Services

Accessing Primary Care

There are many ways to access primary care, even if you're not currently attached to a primary care provider.

Answer a few quick questions to receive personalized instructions for accessing Nova Scotia Health's primary care options near you including in-person, virtual and telephone options.

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Find Emergency Care

Use this tool to identify the emergency care options that are currently available nearest to you.

If this is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance

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YourHealthNS App

Much of Nova Scotia's healthcare program and service information is now available on the YourHealthNS mobile app. Download for free on the Apple Store and Android Apps for Google Play.

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