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Springview Family Practice: Where Compassion Meets Innovation

12 colourful butterfly magnets are attached to two filing cabinet doors.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Halifax, Springview Family Practice embodies a holistic and patient-centered approach to primary healthcare.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Jerry Ji, Springview doesn’t just focus on treating diseases —the practice focuses on every aspect of health, from physical to emotional to social well-being.  

At Springview, every team member plays a crucial role in ensuring that patients receive top-notch care. As Dona Nelson, a clinic staff member, says, "At Springview, patient care is a collective responsibility."

Jerry Ji, a marketing graduate from China, found himself in an unexpected career path when he took over the management of Springview Family Practice in October 2021. Despite having no prior experience in healthcare, Jerry’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his commitment to improving patient care have led to remarkable changes in the practice.  

"We focus on comprehensive care that prioritizes preventive care, patient education, and evidence-based treatments," said Janu Patel, clinic staff member.

At the heart of the practice is a philosophy that is both simple and profound: never give up, and always strive to understand what the team and patients need. This philosophy has shaped the clinic into a place where efficiency is paramount, and where the goal is clear: to ensure patients have access to the best primary healthcare possible.

Today, Jerry also works at Nova Scotia Health as a Practice Support Consultant. Through this role, he is part of a team that provides dedicated one-on-one support to primary healthcare practices. Practice Facilitators help these teams identify what they would like to change, and how they would like to change it.

A critical success factor for the Springview team is communication. Because of their dedication to teamwork and continuous improvement, they have reduced their clinic’s no-show rate from approximately 30% to only 1-3% by focusing on their patient communications. Through email reminders, health goal setting, and progress tracking, they also support patients to take charge of their health journey.

With strategic planning, collaborative care, and schedule management, the team can book patients for appointments in approximately three weeks for non-urgent cases, with many urgent appointments booking on the same day.  

Another great success for this clinic, thanks to the entire team’s ability to innovate and collaborate, is their implementation of technology that enhances patient engagement and follow-up care. They have a robust system for monitoring appointments and contacting patients, to ensure that no patient falls behind on their care plan.  

“We utilize the EMR system to extrapolate all patients’ file who meet the criteria for chronic disease management and identify which patients need to come back to the clinic for follow up care,” Jerry said. This proactive approach ensures that patients receive the care they need.  

The team has also entirely transitioned to paperless communications and documentation. Most written exchanges between staff, patients, and physicians are meticulously recorded in the EMR for easy reference.

But it’s not just about going digital. At the core of this practice is a deep understanding of the needs of both patients and physicians. The practice makes a concerted effort to keep the entire team informed and engaged, sending regular updates about policies, vacation notices, and health recommendations, such as tick bites or other timely, seasonal reminders.

Recent quality improvement projects, like optimizing physician scope and schedules for faster appointment bookings, highlight Springview's dedication to excellence in patient care and a culture of continuous improvement. The positive feedback from patients reflects the impact of their hard work.

To further improve efficiency, the team constantly looks for ways to streamline processes and improve workflows. “There are so many small things happening in the clinic that might not be a big deal from some perspectives, but with every tiny thing you fix - you’re going to make a huge difference,” Jerry shared.

Collaboration is at the heart of Springview. “Our interdisciplinary teams work seamlessly together to provide comprehensive care. We embrace diversity and inclusivity, offering services such as language translation services and transportation assistance,” said Patel.

Through ongoing professional development and flexible scheduling, they foster a healthy work-life balance. "We prioritize workload distribution to prevent burnout and maintain a positive work environment," Patel shared.

From expanding virtual services to introducing user-friendly online portals like Pomelo, Springview is breaking down barriers to healthcare access. But perhaps the greatest reward lies in the lives they impact.  

They acknowledge each other's efforts and contributions through their unique "butterfly wall," where each paper butterfly represents a patient whose life they've touched. It's a visual reminder of the impact they have and a testament to the importance of their teamwork and collaboration."

Springview Family Practice is a place where patients are more than just visitors, and physicians are more than just healthcare providers. It’s a community, a family, and a testament to what healthcare is when it’s driven by passion, innovation, and a genuine desire to make a difference.

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