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Your voice matters: How patient feedback is shaping healthcare

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In the dynamic world of healthcare, every voice matters. Often, it is the voices of patients that contribute to significant improvements. Brittany Jenkins is a member of the Patient Relations team at Nova Scotia Health. This team plays a pivotal role in transforming patient/family feedback into action.

When you share your experiences, Jenkins and the Patient Relations team don’t just take note; they act. Within three business days, they reach out to acknowledge feedback and gather more details. Then, with the patient’s consent, they share feedback with the care team and work together to address your concerns and improve the quality of care.

Patient/family feedback is also used to identify trends that inform ongoing improvements at Nova Scotia Health.

Jenkins’s role as intake assistant for Nova Scotia Health’s Central Zone is pivotal in this process. As the first point of contact when a feedback provider calls, she listens and provides a warm and comforting presence for patients and their families. Jenkins maintains professional boundaries by not sharing her personal opinions while gently encouraging patients to share their experience even if they are hesitant.

With nine years of service under her belt, the last six of which have been spent in Patient Relations, Jenkins’s empathy shines through in her interactions. She recounted a poignant moment when she empathized with a caller's concerns about their autistic child, drawing from her own experiences as the parent of an autistic son.

This personal connection provided comfort to the caller, highlighting the human touch that Jenkins brings to her role. She believes that her diverse experience makes her the perfect person for this role where she can champion the importance of improving the healthcare system through the feedback received.

Jenkins is part of a team that she describes as “the best team I have worked with in my nine years with Nova Scotia Health.”

This team of caring and supportive individuals is committed to improving the healthcare system. In a world where healthcare may seem impersonal and daunting, Jenkins and the Patient Relations team are a testament to the power of empathy, professionalism and dedication in healthcare. They remind us that behind every piece of feedback, every call and every report, there is a team of dedicated individuals committed to improving the healthcare system.

If you have feedback about your healthcare experience, you can share it directly with your health care provider(s) or unit/department manager, or contact the Patient Relations team toll free at 1-844-884-4177 or email the team in your area below:

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