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Black health and wellness event in Truro

The Advisory Committee for Black Public Health will be offering a Black health and wellness event tomorrow (Thursday) at the Truro Legion. 

The event will include a variety of services provided by a team of healthcare professionals and community leaders working together to provide a positive, Africentric health and wellness experience. 

All are welcome to attend and take advantage of the services offered, as well as the opportunity to congregate with diverse Black and African Nova Scotian community members in a culturally competent space.

See below for event details, including confirmed providers and services being offered. 

For upcoming events in other parts of the province, visit

Truro Legion
42 Brunswick St., Truro
Thursday, May 16 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Alzheimer Society

·        Dementia Support

Association of Black Social Workers 

·        Accessing Grab Bars for Household Safety

·        Healing from Grief & Trauma

Department of Community Services 

·        Family Service Programs

Health Association of African Canadians

·        Health Information, Support & Advocacy

Hear Right Canada

·        Hearing Information & Resources

Mental Health & Addictions (NSH)

·        Take Home Naloxone Program

·        Adult Outreach Service

Mobile Primary Care Clinic On-Site

Pharmacy Services 

·        Blood Glucose Testing

·        Cholesterol Testing 

Primary Health Care Emotional Wellness Team (NSH)

·        Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss

·        Ticks and Measles Information 

·        YourHealthNS App 

Primary Care Physician

·        Wound Care

·        Foot Care

Public Health (NSH)

·        Healthcare Transportation Support

·        Information about Pregnancy & Parenting

·        Information about Immunizations & Infectious Diseases

·        Immunization Records Review

·        Routine Vaccines (MMR, Tdap, Pneumococcal)

·        COVID-19 Spring Doses (Public Health Mobile Unit)


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