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Spotlight on Angie Shand, Primary Health Care Coordinator

A woman with long brown hair and eyes, hoop earrings wears a white shirt with a black sweater and is smiling at the camera.

Today we are introducing Angie Shand, a catalyst working behind the scenes at Nova Scotia Health, where she serves as the Primary Health Care Coordinator focused on Practice Support for the Western Zone, covering Shelburne, Yarmouth, and Digby. Originally hailing from Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador, Angie has called Nova Scotia home for the past 25 years, dedicating herself to healthcare after transitioning from an IT background.

With a wealth of experience spanning 16 years within Nova Scotia Health, Angie’s daily mission is to ensure the seamless operation of healthcare practices. "My role is all about helping a practice run smoothly," she explains. Angie's role involves various tasks aimed at improving the daily functions of healthcare teams. She troubleshoots operational issues, optimizes electronic medical record (EMR) systems, participates in policy meetings, and creates insightful patient panel reports. A typical day for Angie is anything but boring, as she dives into various tasks aimed at enhancing clinic efficiency and patient care. Whether she is supporting staff on EMR systems, collaborating in policy meetings, or crunching numbers to provide insightful patient reports, each day presents a unique challenge and opportunity for growth.

For Angie, the most rewarding aspect of her job lies in the impact she makes on her colleagues' work lives. "Knowing we have made someone’s work life a little easier," she reflects with a sense of fulfillment. This dedication to easing the burdens of others extends beyond her professional life, as Angie immerses herself in volunteer work with organizations like the Shelburne Regional High School Student Advisory Committee and the Shelburne Events Committee.

But it’s not just about the work for Angie; she thrives on the connections forged within her primary healthcare teams. "I enjoy the people I work with and feeling I have made a difference," she shares warmly. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to bettering healthcare practices contribute significantly to the positive impact she has on her community.

In Angie’s eyes, her role is not just a job—it’s a vital component in the fabric of primary healthcare. By streamlining clinic operations, offering valuable insights, and fostering a supportive work environment, she champions better access to care and improved patient outcomes, one step at a time.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Angie finds solace in soaking up the sunshine and staying active in her downtime. Whether she is basking in the outdoors or lending a helping hand in her community, Angie’s zest for life is obvious, leaving a lasting impression on all those she encounters.

Angie Shand exemplifies positivity and efficiency. She is a Primary Health Care Coordinator dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Photo of Angie Shand, Primary Health Care Coordinator in Western Zone.

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