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Patient Education Resources

16 Patient Education Resources

After Urinary Catheter Removal

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WJ85-0332

This pamphlet explains what to expect if your urinary catheter (tube in your bladder) is taken out. It explains common symptoms and what to do if they do not go away or get better. It describes what you can do to help (such as drinking fluids, measuring your urine [pee]).

Care of Your Urinary Catheter at Home

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WA85-0297

This pamphlet explains what to expect if you are going home with a urinary catheter inserted. It explains care instructions, nutrition and fluids, and other important things to remember.

Heparin Bladder Instillation

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WJ85-1935

Heparin bladder instillation is a treatment to help with interstitial cystitis (also known as painful bladder syndrome). This pamphlet explains how this treatment is done, how to get ready for your appointment, what happens during your appointment, tips to ease discomfort, and how to spot an infection.

Intermittent Clean Catheterization

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WJ85-2222

Intermittent catheterization is a way to drain urine (pee) from your bladder at different times. This pamphlet explains why a catheter may be needed, how to put the catheter in, how to wash your catheter, and things to remember.

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