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Patient Education Resources

34 Patient Education Resources

Acute Hemodialysis

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WQ85-1151

Hemodialysis is a treatment that uses a machine to filter your blood and remove waste and extra water from your blood. Topics include: what your kidneys do, what acute kidney failure is, what peritoneal dialysis is, what hemodialysis is, and how to live with kidney disease.

Antibodies and Surgery

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WH85-1404

Antibodies are proteins in your blood that protect you from disease. This pamphlet explains why our immune system make antibodies, how they are tested for, and what to expect if you have them before surgery.

Blood Components, Products, and Alternatives

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WH85-1202

This pamphlet explains the blood components (parts), products, and alternatives that you may receive as part of a blood transfusion. A description, how it is given, benefits, and possible side effects of each product are given.

Blood Transfusion

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WH85-1200

You or your family member had a blood transfusion. Although rare, it is possible you may have a reaction. Symptoms to watch for and tell your health care team about, as well as symptoms that medical attention right away, are listed. This pamphlet is also available in French, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese.

Cancer and the Risk of Blood Clots

| .pdf | PRINT CODE NSCCP-1675

Cancer patients may be more at risk of developing blood clots. This pamphlet describes what blood clots are, those at highest risk, and what conditions may come from CAT. Terms used in the guide are explained.

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