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Residencies and Internships

Residencies and internships can be a gateway to honing skills, gaining hands-on experience, and shaping the future of healthcare. 

As a resident, immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where mentorship and innovation intersect. Our internships offer a springboard to real-world challenges, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge in a supportive setting. Engage with diverse cases, collaborate with seasoned professionals, and evolve into a confident, skilled practitioner. 

At NSH, residencies and internships aren't just programs; they're the launchpad for a fulfilling career, empowering you to make a meaningful impact in the realm of medicine.

If you need information for medical residencies, please visit the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine website.

Click here for a map of NSH zones.

3 Residencies or Internships

Nova Scotia Health - Central Zone, Dietetic Internship & Practicum Training Program

The NSH Central Zone, Dietetic Internship & Practicum Training Program is a 47 week graduate program commencing in the Fall. Proficiency in English is required.

This dietetic education program is...

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