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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain services at Nova Scotia Health play a pivotal role in enhancing patients' quality of life. These services typically encompass a multidisciplinary approach, integrating pain management specialists, physical therapists, and psychologists. Tailored treatment plans may include medication, physiotherapy, and psychological support to address both the physical and emotional aspects of persistent pain.

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Accessible and comprehensive chronic pain services not only alleviate suffering but also empower individuals to manage their conditions effectively. Collaboration among healthcare professionals ensures a holistic approach, fostering a patient-centric model that strives to minimize the impact of chronic pain on daily functioning and overall well-being.

Clinics, Programs, and Services

Chronic Pain Services

Offered at 10 locations

Chronic pain services helps individuals manage pain and improve their health, function and well-being. The chronic pain teams provides assessments, treatments and education for people with chronic pain.   

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Patient Education Resources

Injections for Chronic Pain

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You and your doctor have decided that you need injections to manage your chronic pain. This pamphlet explains how well injections for chronic pain work, if the injections are painful, how to get ready for your injections, how an injection for chronic pain is done, and the possible side effects and risks.

Using Opioids for Chronic Pain

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Opioids are painkillers used to manage severe (very bad) pain. This pamphlet explains when to take them, what to do if you miss a dose, special precautions, common side effects, and addresses common concerns about tolerance, dependence, and addiction.


Using TENS for Pain

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This pamphlet will help you learn how to use a TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) unit at home. It explains pain, how a TENS unit works and how to use it, taking care of your skin, taking care of the unit, and safety guidelines.

Halifax Pain Self-Management Program

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The Pain Self-Management Program (PSMP) is a group program. It helps people with long-term pain learn skills to manage their pain each day. This pamphlet explains what the program is, what topics are talked about, how to sign up, and when and where the PSMP is held.


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