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Infant Health and Care

Nova Scotia Health offers a variety of supports to help new parents care for their children.  Through guidelines, educational resources, and community outreach, they empower parents with knowledge on nutrition, immunization, and developmental milestones. 

By fostering a collaborative approach between healthcare professionals and families, Nova Scotia Health supports the well-being and healthy development of infants, laying the foundation for a robust future.

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Depending on your needs and where you live in Nova Scotia, support for your newborn may be offered by Nova Scotia Health or through the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.  Please visit the IWK website for the full range of services available there.

Clinics, Programs, and Services

Postnatal Care

Offered at 8 locations

Checking your baby’s feeding, weight gain and a general physical wellbeing will continue after your leave the hospital. Advice, ongoing support and follow-up will be available as you need it...

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