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Routine IT maintenance on Wednesday, June 19 will cause service interruptions between midnight and 6:00am affecting the YourHealthNS app and on-line appointment booking including COVID-19 testing, blood collection, X-Ray, EKG and the Need a Family Practice Registry.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

In-home Blood Collection Services

A patient’s physician or nurse practitioner will initiate the request for this service through the Nova Scotia Health Pathology and Laboratory Medicine In-Home Blood Collection referral process.

Eligible Criteria:

Patients (12 years old or older) eligible to be referred for this service are as follows: 

  • Housebound and unable to go out of the home; or
  • Where not providing blood collection in the home would cause undue hardship to the patient. The hardship could be physical, medical, financial or other. 
  • Patients who fit the above criteria and collection is by venipuncture. Continue to refer all collections via lines, catheters, ports, etc. to Continuing Care. 

Referral Process:

The Nova Scotia In-Home Blood Collection Referral process requires: 

  • Patients meet the eligibility criteria for in home collection.
  • Submission of a completed In-Home Blood Collection referral form.
  • Submission of a completed laboratory requisition.
  • Indication on the laboratory requisition of the time frame requested for testing and if recurrent collections are required.

Ambulatory patients requiring blood collection can access Nova Scotia Health outpatient blood collection clinics by booking an appointment with their local blood collection service. 

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