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Every day, we learn from patients, clients and families. When you tell us about your experience – good or bad – it helps us improve the care and service we provide.

We’d love to hear your compliments and/or concerns. You can share these directly with your health care provider(s) or unit/department manager, or you can contact our Patient Relations team, listed below.

Find the Patient Relations Contact in your area:

Call 1-844-884-4177 toll-free anywhere in Nova Scotia, or send an email by zone:

What information do I need to include when I share feedback?

The nature of your feedback – what happened? Please provide a brief description of your experience.

The name(s) of the person(s) involved and their role(s):

  • Patient's first and last name;
  • Your first and last name (if you are not the patient);
  • Nova Scotia Health staff involved, and their role, if you know this information. 

If you are not the patient, please confirm:

  • That the patient is willing to give consent for you to share feedback on their behalf. If so, Patient Relations will reach out to the patient to confirm consent. 
  • That you are active in the role of substitute decision maker due to patient’s incapacity.

When and where the event took place about which you are providing feedback:

  • Date and time;
  • Nova Scotia Health facility, unit, department and/or clinic. 

Contact information:

  • How and where would you like to be contacted? (email, phone, etc.) If you would prefer not to be contacted, please let us know.

What is the role of the Patient Relations team in addressing feedback?

The Patient Relations team’s role is to receive and respond to feedback provided by patients, clients and families about care or treatment received in a Nova Scotia Health facility or by a Nova Scotia Health program. The Patient Relations team works with health care teams to develop a plan to address the feedback and identify opportunities for improvement.

What happens to patient and family feedback?

  1. Patient relations contacts the feedback provider (patient, family or essential care partner) within 3 business days to confirm the feedback has been received. They may gather more information if needed.
  2. Team member confirms consent of the patient to speak to others about their feedback
  3. Team member enters feedback into Nova Scotia Health's Patient Experience Reporting System and shares it with care team.
  4. Patient Relations and care team develop a plan to address the feedback and any quality improvement needed.
  5. Manager completes follow-up actions, aiming for completion within 21 business days. They document these actions in the Patient Experience Reporting System.
  6. Patient Relations or the manager contacts the feedback provider to close the loop if requested.
  7. Patient Relations shares data about trends and patterns with care teams and leaders to inform quality improvement.

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Patient Relations

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