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Pre-Pregnancy and Fertility

NSH offers comprehensive pregnancy and fertility services, prioritizing the journey to parenthood. Our skilled obstetricians and fertility specialists provide personalized care, from preconception counseling to advanced fertility treatments. We support both natural and assisted reproductive technologies, guiding individuals and couples through the entire process. With a commitment to compassionate care, we aim to optimize reproductive health, making the dream of building a family a reality for every patient in our community.

Fertlity clinic banner

Depending on where you live, pregnancy and fertility support may be offered by Nova Scotia Health or through the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.  Please visit the IWK website for the full range of services available there.

Clinics, Programs, and Services

Colposcopy Clinic

Offered at 2 locations

Colposcopy is an examination of the cervix using a special microscope called a colposcope. The microscope allows the doctor to see the cervix and other areas in detail. The doctor...

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