VirtualCareNS is a virtual primary care clinic operated by Nova Scotia Health and funded by the Department of Health and Wellness that provides access to primary care for individuals on the Need a Family Practice Registry in certain communities in the Northern and Western Zones of the province. Individuals will be invited to register based on the community in which they live and by date of registration on the Need a Family Practice Registry. 
Following a robust selection process, Nova Scotia Health has partnered with Maple to provide the technology for this program. The primary care providers participating in this program are located in Nova Scotia. 
VirtualCareNS is another tool to provide access to primary care for unattached patients in Nova Scotia. It is not intended to replace having a permanent primary care provider and will not affect your spot on the Need a Family Practice Registry. Recruiting primary care providers remains a top priority for Nova Scotia Health and the Department of Health and Wellness.

More about this program

Who can participate in the VirtualCareNS pilot program?

Individuals who live in the Western or Northern Zones and are registered on the Need a Family Practice Registry. 
In addition to being on the registry, participants must also:
  • Hold a valid Nova Scotia Health Card Number;
  • Be able to access the internet through a computer or mobile device; and
  • Have a valid e-mail that they regularly use.

How are patients contacted to participate? 

Participants will receive an email from Nova Scotia Health inviting them to register for VirtualCareNS in a phased approach. The email will include a unique participant link that can be used to register for the program. This registration link cannot be shared with others. Once you are registered, you can book your appointments with clinicians using the Maple app. 
If you are an adult who has a child or children under the age of 16 who are also on the Need a Family Practice Registry and have also been invited to participate in the pilot, you can add them to your profile once you have registered. This enables you to keep your family’s medical records in one central location. 

Location, contact information and hours

Individuals who have been invited to register can access VirtualCareNS Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. using the Maple app on their computer or mobile device. 

How do I prepare for my appointment?

You should prepare as you would for any visit with a primary care provider. Gather and enter all relevant information including: medications, pre-existing conditions, and relevant health history into the VirtualCareNS app, write down any questions and concerns you may have before your visit. Make notes during your visit should you have any follow up questions. Following your visit, your health information will be accessible to you at any point in the app. 

What should I expect at my appointment?

Speaking to a primary care provider using VirtualCareNS is similar to having an in person medical appointment. If your health care concern can’t be resolved virtually, there is a process in place to arrange for in-person care or other specialized services. 

Please note controlled substances cannot be prescribed in a virtual care setting as per College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia guidelines.

If I have issues, where do I go for support?

For support with VirtualCareNS please contact For issues with the Maple app, you can contact Maple directly through your app.