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Public Health offering health care and wellness transportation support to Northern Zone residents

Public Health is offering all residents of Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties and the Municipality of East Hants free, non-urgent transportation support to get to and from health care and wellness appointments and sessions.

“We regularly hear from our community members that transportation is a significant barrier for them accessing health care and wellness appointments,” said Lori McCracken, Director, Public Health, Northern Zone. “People in our communities should not have to worry about how they are going to get to and from their important health care appointments. If we can help in that, we’re pleased to support a new approach.”

Recommendation C.13 of the Final Report of the Mass Casualty Commission recommends addressing unmet grief, bereavement and mental health needs through activities that promote mental health and prevent mental illness in Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties and the Municipality of East Hants and other communities affected by the 2020 Mass Casualty. Through community consultation, Public Health heard that transportation is difficult in rural areas and can prevent people from getting to appointments and accessing in person supports needed to address their wellness.

Since launching in September, the service has already been used over 1,000 times.

Funded by the Government of Canada and Province of Nova Scotia, the service will give Public Health a better understanding of rural transportation challenges so they can work to better support people without access to reliable and timely transportation.

The program is a pilot project in Northern Zone, specifically in response to the Mass Casualty Commissions Report, however, Nova Scotia Health acknowledges that this is a concern that is brought up throughout the province. The data from this project will be evaluated and used to inform future direction for similar potential support programs.

There are no screening or personal requirements to access this support other than living in Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties and the Municipality of East Hants. Residents are reminded that this service is for non-urgent appointments and 24-48 hours’ notice is required. Requests should be made by calling 902-893-5820 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or email

More information can be found online by visiting

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