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Teamwork in action: Teams join forces to roll out COVID-19 Booster Program for staff

Photo of interprofessional team for Covid 19 boosters for staff

In a united effort, teams from Occupational Health, Public Health, and Pharmacy at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre (CRHCC) collaborated to provide COVID-19 vaccination opportunities to staff. Nurses, pharmacists, administrative staff, and others combined their expertise to provide access for staff to receive the vaccine while at work.

As the first site in the province to roll out the program, Occupational Health Nurses Deb Merchant and Cindy Matthews took the lead in administering the initial COVID-19 vaccines to healthcare staff. Merchant and Matthews obtained certification as COVID vaccinators from CRHCC’s pharmacy team who also provided ongoing support throughout the program.

Public Health contributed valuable insight into the national CANImmunize program, and the learning process involved when navigating a new database. As the first in the province, the team at Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre not only successfully provided vaccination opportunities for their own staff but also provided support to other sites, sharing their experiences and expertise. 

Photo of (L-R) Deb Merchant, Occupational Health Nurse; Johnathan Kennedy, Pharmacy Manager; Lacey Harrison, Pharmacist; and Cindy Matthews, Occupational health Nurse. Missing from photo: Shannon Goldrich, Pharmacy Technician; Trevor Murphy, IT Consultant, CANImmunize and Cynthia McLellan, Public Health Administrator, CANImmunize.

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