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Twenty-three Nova Scotia Health Housekeeping and Environmental Services staff recognized by Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers Association

Photo of Maddie Wheeler.

She’s known as “speedy Maddie” on her units for her swiftness and precision in keeping patient rooms and equipment clean and sanitized.

“It’s all about my routine,” explained Maddie Wheeler, who works in environmental services at South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. “I do things a certain way, and that’s how I get my speed.”

Wheeler is one of twenty-three employees from Nova Scotia Health to receive a 2023 Frontline Award of Excellence from the Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers Association (CHHA)

Front line staff in housekeeping and environmental services are nominated based on the following criteria:

· Shows strength and conviction through challenges by providing support to peers.
· Takes charge in difficult circumstances and demonstrating leadership qualities.
· Makes their department and/or facility a better place for patients and staff.
· Contributes positively to the overall well-being of the organization.

“I was excited when I found out I received this award,” said Wheeler, who has done this job for 11 years. “I love my job. I get to meet and help a lot of people. It’s nice knowing that I am helping patients and keeping them safe.”

Wheeler typically works in the operation room (OR) and mental health units but helps out where needed. She is also the one that co-workers go to for advice.

“We all do it a little differently,” said Wheeler. “And I’m happy to share my routine with others.”

Congratulations to all the award recipients recognized by the CHHA.

Full list of 2023 Frontline Award of Excellence winners:

Aberdeen Hospital

· Shannon Salter
· Debbie Hogg

Cape Breton Regional Hospital

· Rommell Calma

Colchester East Hants Health Centre

· Raylene Barbrick
· Heather Fulton
· Shannon Pierce
· Kirby Smith
· Patricia Delaney

Fisherman Memorial Hospital

· Tammy Crouse

Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital

· Isabel MacDougall

Queens General Hospital

· Tara E Smith

Soldier’s Memorial Hospital

· Wayne Estey

South Shore Regional Hospital

· Patricia Baker
· Wanda Herman
· Mary “Maddie” Wheeler
· Ann Tanner
· Barbara Skidmore
· Greta Himmelman

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

· Rowena Cabilatazan
· Shelly Sangster

Valley Regional Hospital

· John Brothers

Yarmouth Regional Hospital

· Dave Smith
· Leah Pitman

Housekeeping and Environmental Services are part of Facilities Support Services within the Corporate Services portfolio at Nova Scotia Health. Corporate Services is committed to improving outcomes, experiences and efficiencies.

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