Become a Patient Family Advisor

We have made a commitment to involve citizens in setting priorities and making decisions that matter to them,  impacting their lives, our community and the whole health care system. To do this, we are looking for patients, their family members and/or caregivers to volunteer as active members of one or more of our teams. These members are called Patient Family Advisors.

You can learn more about our Patient, Family and Public Advisory Council members here.

Current opportunities:


How do I apply?

For the “Current Opportunities” listed above, please follow the application instructions within each posting.

Apply online: Click here to open the online application form.

Apply by mail: Click here to open the paper application form. Please print the form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

Can I apply to become a Patient Family Advisor?

If you have recent personal, family or caregiver experience with any Nova Scotia Health healthcare service, you can apply to become a Patient Family Advisor! Please note, you cannot apply to become a Patient Family Advisor if  you are a current Nova Scotia Health staff member, Foundation member, an elected official, or a Community Health Board member.  ​

Why should I apply?

Serving as a Patient Family Advisor is a great way to make a difference, improving the health care system for you and your loved ones. Your valuable experience as a patient, family member or caregiver can help make the care we provide even safer. This volunteer opportunity also provides a unique look into your health care system.  

What are the time commitments?

Time commitments can vary depending on the opportunity, however most Patient Family Advisor opportunities require attending 1-2 meetings per month for a term of two years. Additional time may also be needed to prepare for each meeting, and to travel to/from each meeting. Many meetings are held during the daytime at hospital sites throughout NSHA. Meetings can often be attended virtually (online) as well.   

What about my costs and expenses?

The costs and expenses incurred as a Patient Family Advisor (such as parking, travel and accommodations) are typically reimbursed according to Nova Scotia Health’s Travel Policy. 


For more information, please contact Mike Wheatley (, 902-240-4785)