Your Appointment

What to bring

When preparing for your appointment there are important items that you must bring with you. These include:

  • Provincial health card - If your health card is about to or has already expired and you have not received a new one in the mail, call 1-800-563-8880.
  • Any private health care insurance information - (Blue Cross, Maritime Medical, etc.)
  • Medication - A complete list of your medications, including any vitamins and supplements you take. 
  • A list of any known allergies and sensitivities

You may also wish to bring paper and a pen to write down important information or any questions you have for your doctor.

While we try to stay on schedule, there is often a wait. You may wish to bring a book or something else to make the wait more enjoyable.

Please note: We are not responsible for any lost or missing items.

Registration process

Your appointment notice will show where you should register. Please arrive early to make sure you have time to register. 

Giving consent

Patients who need certain types of procedures will be asked to sign a consent form before the procedure. Please read this form carefully. Ask your health care provider if you feel you do not fully understand the procedure or associated risks.

You will also be asked to sign a consent form before release of any specific information related to your condition or your image (photo or video) for legal, promotional, or educational purposes.