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Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building Long-term Care Program

Camp Hill Veteran's Memorial Building


The Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building is part of Nova Scotia Health’s QEII Health Sciences Centre and includes 175 rooms for our long-term care residents.

Nova Scotia Health is contracted by Veterans Affairs Canada to provide high-quality, long-term care to over 100 veterans. In 2021, our mandate expanded to allow us to provide long-term care to provincial residents, through the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care.

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How to apply to live at Camp Hill

The majority of our rooms at Camp Hill are assigned to veterans. Veterans Affairs Canada determines the eligibility for veterans to live here and maintains the wait-list for admission. To determine eligibility for Camp Hill, veterans or families are encouraged to contact Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122

Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building is a licensed, provincial long-term care facility and there are some rooms that are available for provincial residents. Individuals interested in being on the wait-list for placement in a provincial long-term care facility, including Camp Hill, are encouraged to contact Continuing Care at 1-800-225-7225.

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Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building
5955 Veterans Memorial Lane
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 2E1

Patient representitive: 

Unit managers:

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To support resident pick up and drop off, there is short-term parking (20 min or less) available in front of the building. 

For visits, there is a parking garage under the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building located off Veterans’ Memorial Lane, closest to Robie Street. The exit from the garage is at the far end of the parking garage and exits onto Summer Street.

Each resident can receive a permit for one family member to have unlimited free parking in the parking garage under the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building. The application can be obtained from the unit clerk. The completed application must then be taken to the parking office in the Robie Street parking garage (directly across from the Robie Street entrance to the Halifax Infirmary). This office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will fill out a permit and receive an access card.

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Rooms and care areas

Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building has 175 long-term care rooms, with the majority being assigned to veterans. 

There are seven care areas/units within our facility, each having 25 residents.  
All resident rooms are private accommodations with many sharing a bathroom with the adjacent room. 

Each of our seven units has a dining room as well as a lounge space where residents can socialize and participate in activities and therapeutic programs.
The names of the units are V3 West - Cedarcrest, V4 Eastwood, V4 Westwood, V5 Garrison East, V5 Garrison West, V6 Jubilee East and V6 Jubilee West. The numbers represent the floor each unit is on.

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Moving in to Camp Hill

All resident rooms at Camp Hill are private. Most have a shared bathroom.

This Camp Hill VMB virtual tour video includes a tour of a typical resident room.

All rooms at Camp Hill contain: 

  • Single hospital bed including all linens and a pillow
  • Clothes closet
  • Bedside table

What to expect on your first day
We encourage you to arrive no later than 11 a.m. if possible. Staff will show you to your room and begin to gather some information from you or your family member(s) about your care needs. This will help you and the staff begin to plan your care together. 

Some consent forms will need to be signed upon admission and you will need to complete a resident agreement and arrange for payment of your monthly fee for meals and accommodation at Camp Hill.

Health & care planning
Understanding your personal health care goals is important. Upon your admission to Camp Hill, your physician or nurse practitioner will meet with you to review your current health status and discuss your goals, as well as how those goals may change, should you experience a health crisis in the future. 

We strongly encourage you to include the person you have named as your substitute decision-maker in these discussions. 

This information will help provide a guide for how we can best support your needs during your stay at Camp Hill. 

If you have a living will, personal directive or an advance directive, please bring that with you and share a copy with staff.  

More information on Goals of Care planning is available  here.

Mobility and equipment needs
Many residents use wheelchairs, canes and walkers. Our occupational and physiotherapy teams will work closely with you to ensure you have the assistive equipment to best meet your needs. Residents using power wheelchairs must be assessed by our occupational therapy team to ensure their safety.  

Any equipment that you bring with you, or that is purchased for you by Veterans Affairs Canada, is your own property. If changes are made to a piece of your equipment using facility supplies, those supplies remain the property of Camp Hill when you no longer require them. Please speak to the occupational therapist on your floor if you have any questions.

Residents are encouraged to dress in clothing of their choice. Our personal laundry service is provided on a weekly basis and as such, we recommend that each resident bring enough clothing for two weeks. Please ensure that all items are clearly labelled with the resident name. It is also important to bring well-fitting and supportive shoes, as well as outerwear appropriate for the season. 

Residents may bring their own, unscented products to Camp Hill. 

For residents who wear dentures, please bring any supplies for cleaning dentures. 

For residents who wear hearing aids, please bring extra batteries.

Personal items
We encourage each resident to make their room as comfortable and personal as possible. Photos, art, comforters and small pieces of personal furniture can all help contribute to your comfort. 

  • If you would like to bring any furniture or small electrical items, we ask that you first discuss this with the staff. We need to ensure rooms allow for safe maneuverability and that there is adequate room for cleaning (38 inches is required).
  • All electrical items must be in good working order and meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) safety requirements. The logo indicating an item is CSA approved is:

  • Residents who bring a small personal fridge must be able to accept responsibility for the maintenance and regular cleaning of the personal fridge. 
  • There are televisions with cable service available in the dining room and lounge area of each unit. If you would like to have a television in your own room, unit clerks can help with arranging for service as well as the installation of the T.V. through Bell Aliant only  If you would like service through Eastlink, you will need to arrange that with the company. We strongly recommend having a wall mount for your television to maximize space within your room.
  • For safety reasons, we are not able to permit extension cords, space heaters, air conditioners, convection ovens, electric blankets, electric fireplaces, hot water bottles or magic bags, air purifiers, air humidifiers, irons, microwaves, toasters, power bars, hot plates or kettles. We are also not able to permit upholstered furniture that is not made of flame-retardant material. Large furniture items are also not permitted as they impact our staff’s ability to provide care and properly clean rooms. 
  • The personal belongings of our residents are not insured. Residents are welcome to purchase insurance privately if they wish. 

    We strongly discourage residents from bringing cash or any personal items of value to Camp Hill. Residents may wish to have a personal comfort fund set up through our business office. Please see the financial section for more details.

  • Upon your admission, the physician, nurse and pharmacist will review your medications. If you are coming from home, please bring with you a list of your medications and any current medications you are taking. It is important to review over-the-counter medications and any natural health remedies you may use as well. 
  • Please note, for safety reasons, residents may not keep medications in their rooms. 
  • All residents should bring any documents regarding personal directives, advanced directives, power of attorney or living will as well as notices of any upcoming medical appointments.

    Residents who are veterans, should bring a copy of their health card and a copy of their client or “K” card from Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • Residents who are not veterans are expected to have either seniors' pharmacare or other insurance in place to cover the cost of their medications. Veterans who are admitted to Camp Hill through  Veteran Affairs Canada are covered for the cost of their  medications. 

Smoking policy
All Nova Scotia Health facilities, including Camp Hill, are smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted within the facility or on the grounds.  

Residents who live on V3W- Cedarcrest, V4 Eastwood/Westwood, and V6 Jubilee are not permitted to smoke on the premises. 

A designated smoking room is available for a very limited number of residents who are living on the fifth floor (V5 Garrison). Due to capacity limitations, there are very strict restrictions on the maximum number of residents that can be granted smoking privileges for this designated room. Residents who are granted privileges must first complete a smoking safety assessment and abide by specific facility protocols for 
the use of the smoking room.

Over the counter medications
For safety reasons, residents are not able to have medications stored in their own rooms. If you have an over-the-counter medication you would like to use, please review it with the nursing team. 

Alcohol use
There are many considerations around alcohol use that are individual to the resident. Residents who wish to have alcohol on the premises are asked to review this with the team to come up with an individualized care plan that addresses any potential health and safety considerations.  Any personal supplies of alcohol in a resident’s room must be secured at all times. 

It is important to note that responsible alcohol use is expected. Unacceptable behaviours such as public intoxication or verbally or physically aggressive behaviours related to alcohol use may result in loss of privileges. 

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Services available to residents

Clinical Care Services
At Camp Hill we are very fortunate to have a variety of inter-professional team members who specialize in the care of older adults including:

  • Family Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Continuing Care Assistants
  • Dieticians
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Music Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Pharmacist
  • Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistants
  • Psychologists
  • Recreation Therapists and Associates
  • Social Workers
  • Spiritual Care Chaplain
  • Wheelchair Service Technician

During the first few weeks at Camp Hill, residents will meet several members of the inter-professional care team. All members of the care team consider the resident and family to be at the centre of care, as we work collaboratively to provide support that is in keeping with the resident’s needs, values, preferences and goals. 

Camp Hill is an academic teaching institution. We are pleased to often have student learners from a variety of health professions training with our teams.

Wifi and internet access
Through the generosity of the QEII Foundation, there is free public WI-FI available in all the resident areas, lounges, and cafeteria within Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building. 

Phone, cable and internet services
Cable, internet and cell phone service are available through either Bell or Eastlink. Landline phone service is only available through Bell. 

Assistance in setting up Bell Cable, internet and phone service can be provided by the unit clerk.  If you would like to set-up service with Eastlink, please contact the provider directly.  
Please note residents are responsible for providing their own phone, tv or computer and monthly bills, disconnection of services.    Families are responsible for returning all equipment to provider.

Laundry Services
Weekly laundering of personal clothing is included in daily rates. The personal laundry service is provided by an external company. 
We ask that residents and families clearly label all personal clothing. The laundry service provider will also affix a barcode label to each item to help properly track items and ensure that clothes are properly returned to the resident. 
Please note, the laundry service is a wash-and-dry service and does not include dry cleaning. 

In addition to the weekly service, a washer and dryer are located on the units for light laundry. Residents and families are welcome to use the unit washer/dryer for resident belongings. 

Hairdressing services
A mobile hairdressing service provides haircuts for residents in the comfort of their own rooms.The unit clerk is able to help with booking of appointments and can provide information on the prices for hairdressing service. In order to use this service, residents must have a comfort fund account through the business office. 

Foot care services
Nursing staff provide basic foot care as part of routine personal care. If more specialized care is required, a referral [SS1] will be made to a staff member who has taken advanced education in foot care. If needed, a podiatrist (foot doctor) will be consulted. Residents who have existing providers can continue to arrange for private foot care services if they wish but it is not required.

Dental services
Dental hygiene services are available in a resident's room at Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building. The cost to receive these services is the responsibility of the resident. 

To arrange for a dental cleaning or dental hygiene assessment, please email

Hearing services
A hearing aid clinic is held on the last Friday from 9-2 of each month in the 5th-floor lounge to support residents with hearing and hearing aid needs. The cost to receive these services is the responsibility of the resident. If you are interested in having an appointment, please contact the unit clerk. 

Chapel services
Camp Hill offers an inclusive chapel space located on the main level behind the security desk. The chapel is always open as a quiet place for prayer and meditation for all residents, families and staff. A schedule of services is posted outside the chapel.

Outdoor garden
The Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Garden is located along two sides of the facility and provides a beautiful and safe outdoor space for residents to enjoy. The garden provides many wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature, participate in gardening activities, socialize, and relax in the outdoors.   A wheelchair accessible activity pad provides residents with the opportunity to play many outdoor games such as lawn bowling, golf putting and horseshoes.

Our commemorative section of the garden offers a meaningful space to reflect upon and honour the sacrifices of all Canadian military members, past and present.
The garden was created and built through community generosity –veterans, veterans’ families, staff, military and community organizations. The garden continues to grow and develop, thanks to fundraising activities and the ongoing generous donations of funds and time by many people and organizations. 

Donations for the ongoing maintenance and care of the garden can be made to the Camp Hill Veterans’ Memorial Garden Fund through the QEII Foundation.
The garden is open to all residents and their families to enjoy every day, weather permitting. 

The Cedarcrest Unit on V3 West also has a seasonal rooftop deck that residents living in this secure unit are able to access during the summer months. 

Monthly program calendars are available per floor to promote the activities and special events taking place throughout the month. There are a variety of activities to choose from. Some of the regular programming includes social gatherings, music performances, church service, physical games, trivia, bingo and more. Programs vary by unit. Activities are updated daily on the communication board on each unit. 

A member of the recreation therapy team will help connect you to programs and activities that interest you.

Community Outings
Our recreation therapy team often plans outings in the community. These might include scenic drives, a concert or lunch at a local restaurant. The recreation therapist will conduct an assessment to determine if a person’s care needs can be met on the outing as well as how many residents can participate in a specific outing. 
The Windsor Senior Citizen Bus Association provides wheelchair-accessible transportation to support our community outings.

Pet therapy
Volunteer Services along with Recreation Therapy coordinates a Therapy Dog Visitation Program. These dogs are trained to visit with residents in long-term care facilities and they provide comfort and companionship to residents. Therapy dogs and their handlers are identified by wearing Nova Scotia Health volunteer ID tags. 
Please refer to the monthly calendar for your floor to find out when Pet Therapy is being offered.   Services available to residents We view the family as an important part of our care team. We recognize that family presence is integral to healing and quality of life and feel that it is important that residents have the support they need, when they need it, and from those who are most important to them. 

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Family and visitor information

We define family as any individual in the resident’s support network, as identified by the resident. If a resident is unable to identify their support network the resident’s substitute decision-maker will make the decisions. 

At times we may have strict infection prevention and control measures in place that may limit the number of visitors coming into the facility.

During these times, the resident or the substitute decision-maker will identify the individual(s) they would like to designate to visit while visitor restrictions are in place.

What are the visiting hours?
Our regular visiting hours at Camp Hill are between 9:00 a.m. and 7:30 pm. Should there be a need to visit outside of these hours, please speak with the care team on the unit. 

All visitors are asked not to visit the facility if they are feeling at all unwell and to follow all entry screening and infection prevention and control policies, such as wearing a mask, that may be in place at the time of the visit. 

Are there any rules for visitors?
All visitors are expected to be considerate of all the residents and staff who live and work at Camp Hill. We ask that you treat all residents and staff with respect, dignity and consideration and that you are mindful of others’ right to privacy.  Failure to do so may result in a visitor being asked to leave the facility. 

Further information on the rights and responsibilities of residents and families at Nova Scotia Health is included in the Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities Information Guide.

Can I bring in our family pet to visit?
We are pleased to be accommodate adult dogs and cats where possible. Prior to bringing the pet into the building, recreation therapy staff must complete a safety assessment and review some important information with the family member who will be handling the pet.  If you are interested in bringing a family pet to Camp Hill, please contact the recreation therapy staff on your unit for more information.  

Please speak to the recreation therapy staff if your family pet is a bird, reptile, cat or another small animal. Due to infection prevention and control policies, a visit from one of these animals may need to occur outdoors. 

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Food and nutrition services

We are committed to providing high-quality dining that offers delicious, well-balanced and nutritious meals to residents. The menu runs on a four-week cycle to provide a variety of food and drink choices at each meal. Two main entrée options are available at breakfast, lunch, and supper. If you do not want to have the main meal you are welcome to ask for an alternative option. 

Drinks and light snacks are available between meals. These supplies are kept in each unit’s kitchen and are only for resident use.

Special occasion menus are planned for holidays and celebrations.
Meals are produced on-site in the kitchen located on the lower level of Camp Hill and delivered to each unit kitchen prior to mealtime.

Where and when are meals served?
Each unit has a dining room where residents are served their meals. If you are not able to come to the dining room, your meal will be served in your room.

Meal service is offered during the following times:

  • Breakfast: 7:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 
  • Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 
  • Supper: 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Are family members allowed in the dining room?
Our priority is resident safety. We do welcome family members to provide support to a resident in the dining room but in order to ensure the safety of all there are some important rules that need to be followed:

  • All food and drinks in the fridge and cupboards are for residents only. We are not able to provide food or drinks to family members or other guests. 
  • During meal service, only staff are permitted to enter the kitchenette service area. When meal service is complete, residents and guests are able to use the space. 
  • Only our food and nutrition team is able to heat and serve food that has been prepared in-house. They are not permitted to reheat or serve any food that is brought into the facility by a family member or visitor. 
  • Food items brought into the facility by a family member or visitor can't be shared with other residents due to diet restrictions and choking risks.
  • Pets are not permitted in the dining room space. 
  • There may be times when we are not able to have family visitors in our dining room areas due to infection prevention and control precautions. 

Can a resident have a guest share a meal with them in the dining room?
Dining room seating is limited especially during meal service times. If a family member wishes to share a meal with you, please ask the nursing staff and alternate arrangements can be made.

Can I have a special occasion gathering with family and friends?
Residents or families who wish to have a special gathering can connect with the recreation therapy team member on their unit to book a room for a small gathering with family and friends.

Families are welcome to bring their own food to the gathering or they can reach out to the Nova Scotia Health catering service to inquire about options at 902-473-4261.

When is the cafeteria open?

  • Veterans Memorial Cafeteria 
    Main level, Veterans Memorial Building
    Hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Weekends and holidays: closed
  • Summer Savory Restaurant, level 2, Halifax Infirmary building Hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Weekends and Holidays: 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Starbucks, level 4, Halifax Infirmary building
    Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
    Weekends and Holidays: 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

I have dietary restrictions. How will my needs be accommodated?
Our priority is to make sure the nutrition and safety of all residents. Therapeutic and texture-modified diets are available to residents to align with health needs and dietary preferences. 

A clinical dietitian and diet technician are available to assist with nutrition management and answer any nutrition-related questions you may have.

Feedback on dietary
Resident feedback is very valuable and always welcome. 

Nutrition and Food Services leaders regularly conduct meal rounds and safety audits to ensure the quality and presentation of meal service is meeting high standards. During meal rounds, supervisors listen to your feedback and assist in making adjustments as needed. 

Additionally, there is a dining committee meeting held each month on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. During the meeting residents are invited to share feedback and look at ways we can work together to improve your dining experience in the future.  

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Camp Hill philosophy of care

We believe in holistic care that is resident-driven, supportive offamily and based on best practice.

The following statements support our philosophy:

  • We understand care means working together to provide comfort,relieve suffering, improve the quality of life for residents and toprovide support to their families.
  • We value care that is resident-driven and centred on the wholeperson. 
  • We engage the resident and the family in developing individualgoals of care. 
  • We value care that is compassionate and sensitive to a resident’spersonal, cultural, religious, and spiritual values, beliefs and needs.
  • We provide individualized care that meets a person’s needs. 
  • We encourage residents to do what they can for themselves andprovide support and assistance through timely and responsive care.
  • We recognize that we have a role in advocating for residents andtheir families.
  • We support each other while providing care.
  • We build and maintain positive relationships with otherorganizations to support residents’ care goals.
  • We believe in open discussion with residents and their families. 

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Communication with staff

Identifying a Primary Contact / Substitute Decision Maker 
It is important that residents have one identified primary contact/substitute decision maker with whom we can share information for each resident. The substitute decision-maker plays a key role in sharing information with our team and is also expected to share relevant information with others in the family or resident’s support network. 

Individual Care Planning
Within the first four weeks of admission, the team will organize a care conference with the resident and family. This meeting will provide an opportunity to set goals, discuss individual care needs and work together to address any identified concerns or questions. 

Residents and family members are also encouraged to bring forward any concerns to the team so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Electronic Bulletin Board 
On each unit, there is an electronic bulletin board. Announcements about upcoming events, committee meetings, the weekly menu, as well as other important information can be found on this electronic board. 

Resident Advisory Meeting
Each month, there is a resident advisory meeting held on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. The meeting is open to all residents living on the floor. This meeting provides residents a chance to meet with the team and discuss the day-to-day life on the unit and to share ideas and suggestions they may have. Please note that due to privacy and confidentiality issues, individual resident care concerns will not be discussed at this meeting. 

Information on meeting times is listed in a monthly calendar and posted on the electronic bulletin boards. Meeting minutes are posted on the unit’s whiteboard and copies of previous minutes are put in a binder located in the unit’s lounge.  Cedarcrest (V3W) unit also holds regular resident family advisory meetings.  Please contact recreation therapy or social work for more information.

Family Council 
The Camp Hill Family Council is a forum where families, friends and 
loved ones of residents at Camp Hill meet with management to discuss issues relating to the care and well-being of residents and the safety and security of Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building. The council meets virtually twice a year. The Camp Hill Family Council is co-chaired by the Director of Camp Hill Veterans’ Services and a family representative. The agenda is developed based on suggestions from the membership. 

The minutes of previous meetings are available in the lounge. 

Email Communication
At times, there may be a broad communication sent to the identified substitute decision-makers for each resident.  We do ask that identified delegates or family members share this information with others in the resident’s circle.

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General safety, policies and practices

Leaving the Facility or Unit
For safety reasons, it is important that the care team is aware if a resident is leaving the unit or building. If you are planning to leave the unit, please let a team member know and use the sign out sheet located at the team station. Residents must be accompanied when leaving the unit.

Some of the residents who live at Camp Hill are at risk of leaving the building. As such, you will notice some environmental modifications in our areas to help ensure the safety of those who live here.  Our elevator buttons have a plexiglass covering that must be lifted prior to the button being pushed. Some of the residents may also wear a bracelet that will automatically lock the elevators when the resident is in close proximity of the elevator. The elevator can be disarmed by pressing a code on the keypad of the elevator. Family members of residents who wear a bracelet will be given the code to unlock the elevator so they can accompany the resident off the unit.

Scent Reduction
Scents can cause reactions or breathing problems for both residents and staff. We request that only unscented soap, deodorant, hand/body lotion and after-shave are used by residents, staff and visitors. 

Please do not bring in strongly scented flowers or scented products to Camp Hill.

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Financial information

All residents who live at Camp Hill must pay a fee for meals and accommodation. The rate for veterans is determined by Veterans Affairs Canada and the daily rate for provincial residents is determined by the Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care.
All residents are expected to file tax returns each year and the daily fee may change year to year based upon the assessment by Veterans Affairs Canada or the Department of Health and Wellness.

Payment of fees can be done through the business office which is in room 2635, the Veteran Services administration area on the second floor. The office is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. with lunch from 11:30 - 12:30 and the phone number is 902-473-2900

What are the payment options for paying the monthly meals and accommodation fee?
All residents are encouraged to use automatic withdrawals to pay the monthly meals and accommodation fees. This will require an initial set up that includes the filling out of a pre-authorized payment (PAP) form. The business office can assist with completing these forms. 

How do I obtain income tax receipts for the monthly payments?
Residents who pay through pre-authorized payments will receive monthly invoices that should be kept for income tax purposes. Residents paying by cheque may request the receipts of monthly payments made during the calendar year from the business office by calling 902-473- 2900. 

What is the process for personal resident funds or “comfort funds”?
The business office offers a limited banking service, referred to as a
"comfort fund” for residents. Funds are held securely, and residents can request cash withdrawals and/or charge the account for personal items or services such as hairdressing, dental hygiene services and certain recreation therapy activities that are not included in your monthly fee.

The cashier receives deposits of cash or cheques (made out to Nova Scotia Health with the recipient’s name and “comfort fund” in the memo) and places them into non-interest-bearing accounts. Please note there is a service fee applied for any deposited cheques that are returned due to non-sufficient funds. 

Please note that some services such as hairdressing and recreation therapy may be available by charging the cost of the service to the personal fund account. Residents who do not have adequate funds in their comfort fund account will not be able to partake in these services or activities. 

How can I get updates on the status of my comfort fund? 
Any resident or resident’s substitute decision maker can request a balance inquiry from the business office at any time. A re-occurring monthly statement can also be requested. 

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Providing feedback

If you have positive feedback or a compliment to share, please let us know. We will make sure the right person receives this recognition, whether it’s a staff member, a volunteer, or a particular service.

If you have a concern, we also need to hear from you. This information helps us to improve our services for you and other residents and their family members. As a first step, please bring your concern to the manager of your unit. The contact number for Health Services Managers for each area is below:

For concerns requiring further attention, a patient representative is here to help you.

The patient representative will work with all departments on your behalf. The patient representative can be reached at 902-473-2133, toll-free at 1-855-799-0990, or by e-mail at

Accessing this Clinic, Program or Service

The majority of the rooms at Camp Hill are assigned to veterans. Veterans Affairs Canada determines the eligibility for veterans to live at Camp Hill and maintains the wait-list for admission. To determine eligibility for Camp Hill, veterans or families are encouraged to contact Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122

Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building is a licensed, provincial long-term care facility and there are some rooms that are available for provincial residents. Individuals interested in being on the wait-list for placement in a provincial long-term care facility, including Camp Hill, are encouraged to contact Continuing Care at 1-800-225-7225.

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