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Bridgewater & Area Family Health Centre

The Bridgewater and Area Family Health Centre has doctors, a family practice nurse and nurse practitioners working together to provide health care for the community.


Main Switchboard: 902-527-1800


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Clinics, Programs and Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Offered at 13 locations

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program to support your heart health and management of cardiovascular risk factors to decrease your risk for cardiac events.  There are many benefits to attending cardiac...

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program  
Cardiovascular Clinic, Wellness Center  

Phone: 902-742-3542x1460 
Fax: 902 742-5170

You need a physician referral to access this program.

Heart Function Clinics

Offered at 6 locations

Nova Scotia Health offers heart function clinics in locations around the province.

Please note that this program varies by location.

Bridgewater & Area Family Health Centre

A referral from your doctor or nurse practitioner is required.


Tel: 902-527-2417
Monday to Friday

Program Details

Bridgewater and Area Family Health Clinic

This is an outpatient clinic directed by Cardiology and lead by a Nurse (RN/NP) with specialty training in Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). This clinic offers outpatient education for patients and family caregivers living with CHF. Referrals must be initiated by a physician or nurse practitioner. Two referral options are available for patients in this clinic: · Education and lifestyle counseling, exercise prescription and chronic disease management follow-up by our Heart Failure Nurse (RN) Specialist and Registered Dietitian. · It includes:

  • Initiating appropriate heart failure medications
  • Drug titrations to target evidence-based doses
  • Early intervention for acute decompensation
  • Clinical investigations as appropriate to identify and correct any reversible causes of heart failure
  • Education, counseling and exercise prescription with ongoing chronic disease management follow-up

Primary Care Clinics

Offered at 19 locations

A primary care clinic provides short-term primary medical care for people on the Need a Family Practice Registry.

  • Your appointment may be provided in-person or virtually depending on your...

Yarmouth Primary Care Clinic 

(Level 0, Building B) 

 By appointment only for Yarmouth County residents without a physician or nurse practitioner 

This Primary Care Clinic contacts people on the registry directly by phone and email. to make an appointment, in chronological order, based on when your name has been added to the list.
By appointment only 

Phone: 902-749-2556

Rapid Access TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) and Stroke Secondary Prevention Clinic

Offered at 2 locations

The TIA Clinic has been designed to provide:

  • clinical evaluation by a Registered Nurse to assess for neurological deficits
  • review of diagnostics attempt to explain etiology
  • urgent identification of risk...

Bridgewater & Area Family Health Centre

A referral from your doctor or nurse practitioner is required.


Program information
Aggressive treatment after a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is extremely important in preventing a second, potentially disabling stroke. The 90 day risk of recurrent stroke after TIA is 10-20% with half of those strokes occurring within the first 2 days.  Further, the 7 day risk can be as high as 36%. Timely stroke prevention medical therapy and carotid endarterectomy (CEA) have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of a major stroke after an initial TIA. The maximum benefit from CEA occurs when the surgery is completed within 2 weeks of the initial TIA; thus, leading to the urgency for assessment, testing and diagnostics.

Well Woman Clinics

Offered at 29 locations

Well Woman Clinics offer a variety of health-related services and health education, delivered by a female doctor or nurse. The services and days and hours of operation vary by clinic.

Open to patients with no provider in the Shelburne area.

Monthly well woman clinic with female nurse practitioner.

Call 902-875-2321

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