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Meet Nancy Whalley: The heart behind welcoming healthcare professionals to Digby

Nancy Whalley

Nancy Whalley, a dedicated community navigator, has made it her mission to support healthcare professionals and their families as they settle into the Digby area of Nova Scotia. Born in Digby, Whalley returned to her roots in 2005 after spending twelve years away. "I came back home when I had my daughter," she shares, reflecting on the deep connection she has with her hometown.

In her role, Whalley, is instrumental in assisting incoming healthcare professionals with various aspects of their settlement. "I help with housing, childcare, activities, and even spousal employment. Anything that can make their transition smoother," she explains. Working closely with Nova Scotia Health's physician recruitment consultants, she coordinates community site tours, meet and greets, and hosts medical students. "We want newcomers to feel connected and see all the great things our community offers both professionally and personally."

Retention of current healthcare professionals is also a key focus for Whalley. "We host appreciation events, activities, public acknowledgments, and deliver treats to show our gratitude," she says. Supporting local students interested in the healthcare field is another passion of hers. "There are scholarships offered through the Digby and Area Health Services Charitable Foundation and the Digby General Hospital Auxiliary. We want to retain our local talent."

Whalley's background in Executive Office Administration from CompuCollege School of Business and her 16 years of experience in the Administration office at Digby General Hospital have prepared her well for this role. "My favourite part of the job is meeting new people, learning about their backgrounds, and what brought them to Nova Scotia. I like to help and support people, making them feel at home."

Living in Nova Scotia brings Whalley a lot of joy. "I love the water, the sunsets, and the familiar, friendly people," she says with a smile. Her hobbies reflect her love for what her community has to offer "I love summers at the lake, golfing when I can, knitting and watching curling."

Whalley’s dedication to her community is evident in her work and her personal life. She is a vital link in ensuring that healthcare professionals feel welcomed and supported in Digby. Her efforts not only enhance recruitment and retention but also strengthen the community as a whole. "It's all about making people feel at home," she concludes, embodying the spirit of Nova Scotia hospitality.

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