Requesting a Placement

NSHA processes more than 5000 learning placement requests a year. Following the procedures outlined for your discipline below will enable us to process your request as efficiently as possible.  Please be advised that missing the deadlines for submitting requests or required documentation may result in the arrangement/start of your placement being delayed or cancelled.    

All disciplines (except if requesting those listed below in Central Zone)

Placing Agencies (i.e. universities, colleges, employers of health care professionals) seeking placements in all Management Zones of NSHA are required to submit a completed Placement Request Form on behalf of their student/learner at least 90 days in advance of the desired placement start date. Requests received from students/learners will not be accepted unless the individual is an Independent Learner.

Spiritual Care - Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

You can find information and application forms for Clinical Pastoral Education in Central Zone here:

Music Therapy

Please contact to inquire about Internships and application forms. You can find additional information regarding NSHA Music Therapy Internships here: Music Therapy Internship Description NSHA

Recreation Therapy

You can find information and application forms for Recreation Therapy Department Internships in Central Zone here:

Social Work

Please submit the following application a minimum of 90 days in advance in addition to the NSHA Placement Request Form (.pdf)

Additional Information: