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Student and Learner Placement Service (SLPS)

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Student and Learner Placement Service (SLPS) is a part of Nova Scotia Health Authority’s (NSH) Interprofessional Practice and Learning Portfolio.  We work closely with educational institutions across Canada, as well as staff, managers and program leaders within NSH, to arrange unpaid hands-on clinical and non-clinical placements for post-secondary students from a wide range of disciplines (except medicine).  We also arrange sharing of expertise, professional development, and maintenance of competency placements for health care professionals employed by various Canadian institutions, such as the Department of National Defence and hospitals in other provinces.  

SLPS uses the Health Services Placement Network (HSPnet) database to process/manage requests for over 5,000 students/learners per year, placing them in facilities within the various Management Zones of NSH.   As a learning and teaching organization, NSH is committed to creating supportive, collaborative learning environments that foster the development of all students/learners and their transition to practice. 

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Contact Us

Central Zone (Halifax area, Eastern Shore and West Hants)   
Tel: 902-473-6378

Eastern Zone (Cape Breton, Guysborough and Antigonish)   
Tel: 902-567-7830

Northern Zone (Colchester-East Hants, Cumberland and Pictou)   
Tel: 902-324-0552

Western Zone (Annapolis Valley, South Shore and Southwest Nova Scotia)   
Tel: 902-679-8547

Requesting a Placement

NSH processes more than 5000 learning placement requests a year. Following the procedures outlined for your discipline below will enable us to process your request as efficiently as possible.  Please be advised that missing the deadlines for submitting requests or required documentation may result in the arrangement/start of your placement being delayed or cancelled.    

All disciplines (except if requesting those listed below in Central Zone)

Placing Agencies (i.e. universities, colleges, employers of health care professionals) seeking placements in all Management Zones of NSHA are required to submit a completed Placement Request Form on behalf of their student/learner at least 90 days in advance of the desired placement start date. Requests received from students/learners will not be accepted unless the individual is an Independent Learner.

Spiritual Care - Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

You can find information and application forms for Clinical Pastoral Education in Central Zone here:

Music Therapy

Please contact to inquire about Internships and application forms. You can find additional information regarding NSHA Music Therapy Internships here: Music Therapy Internship Description NSH

Recreation Therapy

You can find information and application forms for Recreation Therapy Department Internships in Central Zone here:

Social Work

Please submit the following application a minimum of 90 days in advance in addition to the NSHA Placement Request Form (.pdf)

Pre-Placement Requirements

The following pre-placement requirements must be completed PRIOR to any learning placement commencing at NSH.   Depending on the nature or location of the placement, additional requirements may be required.  NSH will inform you of any additional requirements when the placement request is received.

NSHA Affiliation Agreement

An Affiliation Agreement between the Placing Agency (i.e. university, college, employer of health care professionals) and NSHA must be completed in order for a placement request to be processed.  As this is a legal contract between the two organizations, it can sometimes take months to put this in place.

Background Check

  • Criminal Record Check is required for ALL placements
  • Vulnerable Sector Search is required for all clinical placements
  • Child Abuse Registry is required for placements involving children and youth.

Background Checks must be completed within 6 months of the placement start date, or as a part of academic requirements. If unsure of the background check requirements for your placement, please contact us.

Immunizations and infectious disease screening

Students/Learners must provide their Placing Agency with proof of obtaining all the vaccinations and immunity tests NSHA requires.   Placing Agencies may choose to use the form provided below to collect vaccination and immunity test records from their students/learners.  Depending on the student/learner’s discipline or placement area, NSHA may waive the Hepatitis B vaccination and/or two-step Tuberculosis Skin Test requirement. If unsure of the requirements for your placement, please contact us.

NSHA Student/Learner Placement Agreement

All students/learners are required to review and sign the NSHA Student/Learner Placement Agreement and return it to their Placing Agency

Privacy and Confidentiality Training and Pledge of Confidentiality

All Students/Learners are required to complete the NSHA Privacy and Confidentiality Training Module and review and complete the NSHA Privacy and Confidentiality. 

  • NSH Privacy and Confidentiality Training module. (Once on the eLearning page, select “LMS guest access NSHA/IWK Privacy and Confidentiality Training". Please ignore Slide 15 of the module, which will direct you to download and sign the Pledge of Confidentiality attached to the slide.  This version of the Pledge is for NSHA employees.  The link below takes you to the version of the pledge students need to sign.)
  • NSH Pledge of Confidentiality (.pdf)

HSPnet Consent Form

NSH uses the HSPnet student placement database to manage over 5000 placement requests it processes annually.  All students/learners are required to sign an HSPnet consent form (.pdf) and submit it to their Placing Agency.   Students/Learners are advised to read Identified Purposes of and Handling of Personal Information and Personal Health Information in HSPnet before signing the form.

Submitting Pre-Placement Requirements to NSHA

The Placing Agency is required to submit the following documents on behalf of the student/learner 1 month before the scheduled placement start date, along with any additional documents (e.g. Child Abuse Registry, parking requisition, emergency contact information, etc.) Nova Scotia Health has informed them of.
  * unless the Placing Agency is using HSPnet to submit requests to NSH


You can find all of the student and learner placement orientation materials here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a job shadowing placement?

Job shadowing placements are arranged through the Human Resources Department and are usually only for 1 day.

Will I need an NSHA security ID badge?

All students except those placed in the Guysborough/Antigonish areas of the Eastern Zone of NSHA are required to wear their NSHA security ID badge when participating in their learning placement. 

How do I get my NSH security ID badge?

Once your placement is approved the SLPS office will send security ID pick-up instructions to you directly, or via your Placing Agency.

Where can I park and how much does parking cost?

Parking costs differ from location to location.  Please check the web page for each location for details on parking costs.

Does the hospital have a room/apartment I can stay in?

NSH does not provide rooms/apartments for students during their placements.  

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