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Drs. Sarah and David Faour are welcomed to Antigonish with open arms

Photo of Drs. Sarah and David Faour

The community of Antigonish recently embraced the return of Dr. Sarah Faour and Dr. David Faour, along with their two children. Originally from Calgary, AB, and St. John's, NL, respectively, the couple's journey began at St. Francis Xavier University, where they met and began dating. They eventually got married and started a family. This past fall, they made the decision to return to Antigonish with their young children, Harriet and Arthur, in tow.

"Antigonish felt like home, a community where we could thrive personally and professionally," shared Dr. David Faour.

Dr. Sarah Faour's early interest in medicine during her undergraduate studies led her to enroll in medical school at Queen’s University, while David pursued law. After graduation, David discovered law wasn't the right path for him, subsequently joining Sarah in medical school. Both completed residency training at Dalhousie University.

The decision to return to Antigonish was influenced not only by their history in the small town but also by a desire for a different pace of life. Sarah now works primarily in the Emergency Department at St. Martha's Regional Hospital and as a hospitalist. David, who just recently completed residency, focuses on mainly office-based primary care.

"I love working at St. Martha’s. It's a great hospital," said Dr. Sarah Faour. "It's larger than where I previously worked, but it's not so big that it's intimidating, especially compared to larger tertiary care centers. I'm already getting to know different parts of the hospital, and I appreciate the support and encouragement from my colleagues in both the hospitalist and emergency department groups of physicians," she added.

The Faours acknowledge the helpful role played by the physician recruitment team, particularly Sarah-Marie O'Toole, Physician Recruitment Consultant in the Eastern Zone, in facilitating their move to Antigonish. From providing information on housing to childcare options, the recruitment team played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for the family. 

The site visit was a particularly enjoyable part of their transition to the community.  The site visit program provides an opportunity for physicians to visit communities in Nova Scotia and further explore practice options. The Faours site visit included a pizza party, a community gathering at the local library, and snowshoeing at Keppoch Mountain, followed by lunch at the lodge. O'Toole highlighted the invaluable contribution of the family medicine group in making the site visit a memorable one. 

“Their generosity and enthusiasm in showcasing the lives of potential family physicians, along with their satisfaction with the area, are instrumental in creating a positive experience for the physicians,” said O’Toole. 

"Our kids were included in the site visit too; that was really nice," Drs. Faour and Faour both explained.

Most importantly, their children are thriving in their new community, have made great new friends, and enjoying their new school and daycare.

"We're really happy with the community, and we feel like it's been really good for our family. We felt very welcomed by the medical community and by the community at large. It's been very positive so far," said Dr. David Faour.

Welcome to the community, Sarah and David! We are pleased you selected Nova Scotia to practice great medicine and live an even better life!

Photo of Drs. Sarah and David Faour.

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