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Patient Education Resources

40 Patient Education Resources

After Your Stroke

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WL85-0729

This pamphlet defines what a stroke is, what a stroke might look like, and what a stroke can cause. Other topics include admission to hospital, rehabilitation, getting back to normal, and your discharge plan. This pamphlet is also available in French.

Anger After an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WL85-1932

Anger is a natural emotion. People with an ABI sometimes have problems with anger. It is important to manage your anger. If you do not manage your anger, it can hurt your relationships and make it hard for you to do things (like work or take part in social activities). Tips for managing anger are provided.

Concussion Recovery

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WL85-0395

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This pamphlet includes information on how long symptoms last, symptoms to watch for, and what to expect the first few weeks. An in-depth list of common symptoms and how to deal with them, and a FAQ section is also included.

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