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Patient Education Resources

52 Patient Education Resources

Adult Neurodevelopmental Stabilization Unit (ANSU): Dual Diagnosis Program

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WM85-2313

The Adult Neurodevelopmental Stabilization Unit (ANSU) is a specialized acute inpatient unit at the Nova Scotia Hospital. ANSU serves people who are 19 years of age or older, have a learning disability that needs some or a lot of care, and have an active mental illness (like anxiety, a mood disorder, psychosis, and others).

After the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): QE II Department of Critical Care (3A and 5.2 ICU)

| .pdf | PRINT CODE IC85-1762

This pamphlet provides information for patients transferring out of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Topics about the recovery from a critical illness are covered, including memory problems, sleep, depression and/or anxiety, breathing, weakness and pain, body image, and family. Ways to help with common problems while recovering from a critical illness are also provided. This pamphlet is also available in French.

Care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

| .pdf | PRINT CODE IC85-1593

This pamphlet explains what to expect if you are a patient in the QE II Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Other topics include visiting, care for loved ones and support persons, substitute decision maker (SDM), goals of care, and spiritual care services. This pamphlet is also available in French: FF85-1666

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