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Routine IT maintenance on Wednesday, June 19 will cause service interruptions between midnight and 6:00am affecting the YourHealthNS app and on-line appointment booking including COVID-19 testing, blood collection, X-Ray, EKG and the Need a Family Practice Registry.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Patient Education Resources

11 Patient Education Resources

Antibodies and Surgery

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WH85-1404

Antibodies are proteins in your blood that protect you from disease. This pamphlet explains why our immune system make antibodies, how they are tested for, and what to expect if you have them before surgery.

Avant et après une chirurgie d’un jour

| .pdf | PRINT CODE FF85-1537

Cette brochure offre des renseignements sur les soins avant et après une chirurgie d’un jour à Halifax Infirmary, édifice Victoria, ou Hôpital général de Dartmouth. On y traite notamment de la nécessité d’arriver tôt, de ce qu’il faut apporter, de l'anesthésie, et plus. This pamphlet is also available in English.

Before and After Day Surgery

| .pdf | PRINT CODE WO85-0672

This pamphlet provides information about your care before and after a day surgery procedure at the Halifax Infirmary, Victoria General, or Dartmouth General Hospital. Includes what to bring and what to expect. This pamphlet is also available in French.

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