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Infectious Diseases

A disease that legally needs to be reported to Public Health is called a notifiable disease.

When notifiable diseases are reported, Public Health investigates. The goal of the investigation is to identify the where the disease came from and who else may have been exposed. Public Health may take actions to reduce the risk of the disease spreading in the community.

The Health Protection Act, which guides this aspect of our work in Public Health, is based on an ethical framework where we use the least restrictive means to achieve our public health goals, considering health equity and other factors.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

Public Health can help you access HIV testing if you have had a recent exposure, multiple anonymous sexual contacts, or are very concerned about getting HIV. Call 1-902-481-5824 and leave a voicemail with your name and number for call back.

Nova Scotians can access HIV testing through primary care providers, including family doctors, nurse practitioners, walk in clinics and Virtual Care NS.

Testing is also available at the following clinics:

Central Zone

  • Halifax Sexual Health Centre  
    7071 Bayers Rd., Suite 302, Halifax 
  • QEII STI Clinic 
    5th floor Dickson Building, QEII 
    5820 University Avenue, Halifax 
  • Clayton Park STI Clinic 
    Dr. Michelle Ciach 
    310-255 Lacewood Dr., Halifax 
  • Newcomer Health Clinic 
    Resource for government assisted refugees, privately sponsored refugees and refugee claimants in the greater Halifax area. 
    Mumford Professional Centre 
    6960 Mumford Rd., Suite 0265 (main floor), Halifax 
  • Wije’winen Health Centre 
    Resource for Indigenous people residing in Halifax Regional Municipality 
    2021 Brunswick St., Suite 209, Halifax 

Eastern Zone

Northern Zone

Western Zone

Information About Other Infectious Diseases:

Information for Health Care Providers

Health care providers are responsible for reporting notifiable diseases, which helps prevent the spread of severe illnesses within our province and to those who are most at risk. Find more information and resources for providers on this website.

Accessing Primary Care

There are many ways to access primary care, even if you're not currently attached to a primary care provider.

Answer a few quick questions to receive personalized instructions for accessing Nova Scotia Health's primary care options near you including in-person, virtual and telephone options.

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Find Emergency Care

Use this tool to identify the emergency care options that are currently available nearest to you.

If this is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance

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