Valley Hospice
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150 Exhibition St.
Unit 3
Kentville, NS B4N 5E3

Main Switchboard: 902-678-6555


The Valley Hospice was established through a long standing collaboration of the Valley Hospice Foundation and Nova Scotia Health. It is a “stand alone” home-like health care facility, located on the grounds of the Valley Regional Hospital. 

The hospice provides palliative care for patients nearing the end of life, who don’t require care in a hospital, yet have more care needs than can be provided at home, to live to their fullest. 

There are 10 private rooms, each with their own washroom and space specifically designed for family members to be able to be with their loved one, even if they want to stay the night. Each private room and the family room have patio doors that lead to a private terrace overlooking a peaceful wooded area.

Hospice patients will receive professional nursing care with physician support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a cook on site 7 days a week to provide individualized meals and snacks. Onsite services such as social work and spiritual care are also available to support patients and their families.

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Referral process 

To be referred there are three important documents a health care provider will send to the hospice: A Request for Assessment (.pdf), A Hospice Admission Agreement (.pdf) and a Goals of Care (.pdf) (or similar) document. 
The process to have these completed is:

A physician or nurse practitioner will determine if a person meets the eligibility criteria for Hospice.

  1. If a physician or nurse practitioner believes a person is eligible to be admitted and the patient/delegate is in agreement, they can submit a Request for Assessment form (.pdf) to the Hospice. 
  2. The Nova Scotia Health policy and procedure for Hospice Assessment Requests is also available for your information here. It includes the eligibility criteria as well as roles and responsibilities related to admission to Hospice. 
  3. The patient/delegate must sign the Hospice Agreement (.pdf) at the time the Request for Assessment is faxed to the Hospice to ensure there is an informed understanding of the care offered. 
  4. A Goals of Care (.pdf) (or similar) document that reflects that the goal is for comfort directed care without resuscitative efforts must be signed and accompany the Request for Assessment.

Visiting Hours

We support patients and families to be together at times that are meaningful to them.

Due to COVID we ask that  you please check with the Hospice for any possible changes in visiting your loved one.


free parking is available on-site. 

Fees and Bill Payments

Hospice is available to all Nova Scotian’s with a valid Health Card. There should be no additional costs beyond what you would normally pay if you were staying at home. For example – medications are supplied by a community pharmacy, so if there is a copay for your medication when you are at home, that may be the same when you are in Hospice. 

TV and Phones in your room

TVs and direct line phones are in each patient room. There is no fee for any of these amenities. 

Private Rooms at Valley Hospice

Valley Hospice has 10 large private patient bedrooms. All patient rooms have pull out sleep furnishings so families can stay overnight. Patients may bring freshly laundered items that bring comfort and meaningful personal items (e.g. family pictures, momentos) with them to Hospice. (Please check with the staff regarding any COVID restrictions) 

WiFi and Internet Access

There is free public WiFi in the building.

Inpatient Meals

Patient meals are made to order at the Hospice. If you follow a special diet or have food-related allergies or sensitivities, let us know when you arrive. Families are also able to enjoy coffee and use the amenities in the lovely kitchen-dining room area (Please check with staff regarding any COVID restrictions).

Spiritual Spaces and Quiet Room

A quiet room and patio are available at the Hospice. Our team can assist you in arranging for spiritual support.

Video Tour

You can view a video overview of the facility here.

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