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New Hire Resources

Welcome to Nova Scotia Health.

Congratulations on receiving an offer of employment to work with us. Before you begin work, on-boarding needs to be completed.

Follow these step in your New Hire Checklist you received with your letter of offer:

  • Carefully review the email you received regarding your conditional offer of employment,
  • Under the section Payroll and Benefits take note of the forms you are required to complete.
  • Find the forms in the list below and click to open each page.
  • Read the information carefully, follow the links to each form and complete as required.
  • Ensure any forms that require your signature to be witnessed have a witness’ signature. If the forms are received without the signature of a witness it will be returned to you for completion and the delay may affect your benefits.
  • Return the completed forms to the Benefits Contact in your checklist.
  • If you have any questions, contact the appropriate area based on the information provided in your checklist.

Note: Some of the forms you are required to complete will include a space for your employee ID number. This number will not be available until you start work. Please leave this space blank.

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness 

Pre-Employment Health Appointment Preparation Checklist

As a condition of hire, all new employees must have an in-person Pre-Employment Health Screen appointment with Occupational Health Safety & Wellness.

These are the things you need to do before your Pre-Employment Health Screen appointment:

1 - Complete the Occupational Health Record form. This provides baseline information for your health and safety.

2 - Book your appointment with Occupational Health Safety & Wellness here.

3 - Bring any immunization or blood work records you have for:

  • COVID-19
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)

4 - If you will be working in patient care areas, bring any immunization/ blood work or records you have for:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Tuberculosis (TB) skin test

If you will be working in a level 2 or 3 laboratory, bring any immunization records you have for:

  • Meningococcal vaccine

5 - Email your completed Occupational Health Record form and immunization/blood work records before your appointment to

6 - Bring your completed Occupational Health Record form and immunization/blood work records to your pre-employment health screen appointment.

Accepted immunization records include:

  • Copies of immunization record from Public Health. Click here for the request form for your immunization records from Public Health.
  • Personal proof of immunization records with the date received, vaccine type, and health care provider’s initials (e.g., physician’s office, pharmacy record).
  • Records from VaxRecordsNS, CANImmunize, or DalMedix
  • Records from post-secondary educational institution
  • Official vaccination receipts issued by a Province/Territory or respective Public Health Agency
  • Other government-issued proof of immunization

If you are unable to retrieve your immunization/blood work records, you should still attend your appointment with Occupational Health Safety & Wellness. During your appointment, Occupational Health Safety & Wellness will determine if blood work to determine your immunity status is needed.

Forms for all new/re-hires

All new/rehires are required to complete and return all forms below prior to hire. Please read the Criminal Record Check FAQ for additional information on obtaining the CRC applicable to you.

Employee Benefits

Nova Scotia Health works with several providers for Insured Group Benefits, Pension and Long Term Disability Benefits.

People Services/Human Resources would be happy to talk to you about what group insurance coverage and pension options are available for new employees of Nova Scotia Health. The coverage that is available is dependent upon the zone and employment agreement for the position. Below are some links for the various benefit and pension that are available with Nova Scotia Health.

The below information is provided as a reference guide only and is not confirmation of the benefits you may or may not be entitled.

Most employees within Nova Scotia Health who meet eligibility requirements will be enrolled into the below insured group insurance, LTD and pension plan:

Health Association of Nova Scotia benefits information:  

Nova Scotia Health Employees’ Pension Plan  

Employees within Public Health, Addiction Services and Continuing Care in Northern, Western and Eastern zones who meet eligibility requirements will be enrolled into the below Pension and LTD plans.

Nova Scotia Public Service Superannuation Plan:  

Nova Scotia Public Service Long Term Disability Plan  



All below forms can be completed within our Electronic Onboarding system or printed and handed in to our Recruitment representative. Your Onboarding information will be sent via email.

Central Zone

For payroll questions or inquiries, please contact 902-473-5757 option 4.

Eastern Zone

For payroll questions or inquiries, please contact:    
Cape Breton - 902-567-7482    
GASHA - Angie Munroe 902-867-4500 ext 4318

Northern Zone

For payroll questions or inquiries, please contact:

Pictou - Lisa Nickerson (902-752-7600 ex 1337) & Cathy Wallace (902-752-7600, ext 1333)    
Cumberland - Kathy Dobson (902-667-5400 ext 6350) Dianne Lockhart (902-667-5400, ext 6359)    
Colchester - Gwen Black (902-893-5554 ext 42135) & Mary Lou Maclaughlin (902-893-5554 ext 42588)

Western Zone

For payroll questions and inquiries please contact:    
Valley - Tina Dill (902-365-1701 ext 3423) or Andre Losier (902-365-1701 ext 3422)    
South Shore - Brenda Jackson (902-634-7384) or Rick Wentzell (902-634-7385)    
South West - Wanda Reid (902-875-4144 ext 2211) or Andre Losier (902-365-1701 ext 3422

Management Non-Union & Research

For payroll questions or inquiries, please contact 902-473-5757 option 4.


Collective Agreements

Management Non-Union & Research

Administrative Leave

To be completed and filed for every employee in a management position for recommendation and approval of Administrative Leave. 

Benefits & Pension

Required forms are indicated on your "Applicant Checklist". Please ensure only those forms listed on the checklist are completed and submitted on your first day at General Orientation. Should you have any questions regarding your forms, please contact 902-473-5757 option 3, option 1. A benefits representative will be present at General Orientation to answer your questions and assist you in completing the forms if required.


Terms & Conditions - Management & Non-Union Employees

Terms and Conditions of Employment and Compensation Framework for Management & Non-Union Employees (.pdf)

Notes: Terms and Conditions of Employment and Compensation Framework for Management & Non-Union Employees - Version 3: April 1, 2018, This document was initially created on October 18, 2015, with the creation of Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA). It provides management and non-union employees with an overview of the Terms and Conditions of their employment with the NSHA. In cases where there is a separate NSHA policy that may impact or supplement these term and conditions, the policy will be referred to here. If a term or condition set out in a former/predecessor District Health Authority policy is not replaced by a similar term or condition in this document or a corresponding NSHA policy, that term or condition may apply until new policies come into effect for the NSHA. Last updated August 14, 2018.

Opportunity Briefs

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Answer a few quick questions to receive personalized instructions for accessing Nova Scotia Health's primary care options near you including in-person, virtual and telephone options.

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